AstraZeneca vaccine, here is the circular from the Ministry of Health: recommended use for over 60s. No stop for second dose [TESTO]

The Ministry of Health recommends the preferential use of the AstraZeneca vaccine “in people over the age of 60”. The circular was signed during the night by the general manager Gianni Rezza, and distributed to all the competent bodies.

The awaited ministerial provision makes the line of the Cts and the Higher Health Council his own. While reiterating that the vaccine is approved for all people over 18 years of age, its use is recommended “preferential in people over the age of 60“, Taking into account the”low risk of adverse reactions of the thromboembolic type compared to the high mortality from Covid-19“.


According to the ministry’s circular, who has already received a first dose of Vaxzevria vaccine, the new serum name AstraZeneca, can complete the course by taking the second.

Italy has aligned itself with Germany, it has not exercised any independent evaluation “and” by doing so, the entire vaccination plan is jeopardized, given that the largest slice of the population to be vaccinated is less than 60 years old”.

This is the alarm that the professor of microbiology at the University of Padua Andrea Crisanti launches through an interview with La Stampa after yesterday EMA, the European Medicines Agency, issued its verdict on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Which the professor defines “a hallucinating thing“As” ‘the European Medicines Agency cannot wash its hands of it in this way, let each country decide for itself: this creates disorientation, as well as demonstrating the lack of independence of the EMA and the weakness of the Union’s health policy”.

In an interview with la Repubblica Silvio Garattini, dean of Italian pharmacologists and president of Mario Negri, says he is a little surprised by the Italian decision to suggest a preferential use of AstraZeneca over the age of 60, because “in this way, those under the age of 60 will not be given it for sure. There will also be the problem of who has already had the first dose. This is another unclear move“Especially since”having a European office to decide on drugs and vaccines was one of the few useful things done on a continental level”.

Vaccine AstraZeneca, Locatelli (Cts): “We recommend preferential use to over 60. No problem with the second dose”. The circular of the Ministry of Health is coming [VIDEO]


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