Transfer market Rome, attack to be completed

Transfer market Rome, new idea in Serie A to reinforce the attack available to José Mourinho: the latest on Pinto’s moves.

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Although the first friendlies have featured Dzeko, having returned to its levels again, the future of the Bosnian has not yet been clearly defined. The feeling is that the chances of a permanence of the ex City have drastically increased compared to a few weeks ago, but the market paths can be endless. The names of the “Gallo ”Belotti and of Maurito Icardi, but the profile “relaunched” with insistence in the last few hours is another.

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As reported by today’s edition of “Time”in fact, one of Pinto’s objectives responds to the name of Eldor Shomurodov, Uzbek striker under al Genoa, which last season with the Grifone jersey in 32 appearances he signed overall 8 goals e 2 assist, impressing especially in the first part of the Championship. The class’95 can play various roles in the attack, and be used both as a winger and as a playmaker, and as a first atypical striker: for which reason, his arrival would not be subject to a farewell of Dzeko, with which, indeed, it could also “coexist”, thanks to the great work for the team in which the “swan of Sarajevo” often works.

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Transfer market Rome, Pinto on Shomurodov | Figures and details

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The Genoa values ​​his jewel no less than 15 million euros, to which a percentage should be added based on a future resale. It is not certain that the negotiation cannot be made on the basis of a loan or a redemption obligation, it being understood that it will be quite difficult to try to include that Pedro for which the “Griffin” launched exploratory surveys a few days ago. The figures of the operation are therefore not prohibitive: to this we must add that Shomurodov he already met José Mourinho in February 2019, in a summit organized by the attacker’s agent. We will see what happens.


Transfer market Rome attack completed

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