The market news missed by many

On the day of Juve-Napoli, Vincenzo Pisacane, Lorenzo’s agent Badge, went to visit Milan. A courtesy meeting, a comparison like many others, an exchange of jokes and opinions. There is a photo of him outside the Rossoneri headquarters. Insigne’s agent is working on the future of his client who also scored against Juventus. His fate hangs in the balance.

The contract renewal expires in 2022, there is still time to talk about renewal, Napoli will begin to do so, seriously, only at the end of the season. Meanwhile, this is news: the Milan asks for information on Insigne. Which many clubs like being in the prime of his career. The Europeans can also help him to have a market. He is thinking of Napoli and does not want to leave, but it is clear that everything will depend on the economic agreement to be reached with Napoli.

Obviously many clubs are starting to take an interest in each other. Insigne at the price of summer sales, without renewal, it would be a great opportunity. A risk that De Laurentiis would like to avoid. For this reason, Napoli will do everything to secure it.



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