SMART water saving system at € 17, ABSURD

SMART water saving system at € 17, ABSURD
SMART water saving system at € 17, ABSURD

This little gem is part of the product ecosystem Xiaomi, but I’m sure you don’t know him yet. This is the smart water saving system, which you can mount on virtually any tap, thanks to the different adapters supplied.

The interesting thing is that now on Amazon is in great discount at € 17.99 about with fast and free shipping.

Xiaomi: smart water dispenser at a great discount

I’ve had it for a few months now, that’s why I love it and – as soon as I saw it on sale – I didn’t hesitate to tell you about it. Its operation is as simple as it is useful. In fact, just mount it and you will be ready: it took me a few minutes because in kit there is everything, essentially you will just have to lock it through thread. In the package, as I anticipated, there are also all the adapters necessary.

After this, turn on the tap and leave it open: i will take care of closing and opening the water sensors. Yes, because they are two and without contact. If you touch the one located below, the water will be dispensed only if you are nearby, if you touch the side one, the delivery will be continuous.

A couple of usage examples, really useful? Well, dirty hands first, but also – simply – when they’re busy and you need water: you won’t have to touch the tap. In addition, if you have to wash them, thanks to this device there will be no unnecessary waste, for example while you soap.

Finally, what makes this little gem really special is the fact that you have one built-in battery, which lasts even 6 months. When the time comes, it will take very little to recharge it through the supplied microUSB cable.

Your deal, with this one Xiaomi’s smart water saving system, you do it now from Amazon: buy it for about € 17 just and enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

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