Low-cost hybrid Dacia on the way, and then an “electric Sandero”

Electrification is also a must for Dacia, but for the moment the Spring will remain the only full electric in the range. This was explained today by Philippe Brunet, Director of the Motorization Alliance and Renault Electric Vehicle Engineering. Brunet said this at a round table in which some aspects of the group’s strategy in terms of electric cars were examined.

The manager revealed that in the immediate future the Romanian company intends to adopt a progressive approach on this front, to maintain the DNA of the brand, which has made practicality and economy its strong point. And so, Dacia’s next move will be to take a decisive course on engines hybrid. Because, underlines Brunet, “they are an excellent compromise to have an important reduction in CO2 while at the same time containing costs”.

You need the right battery

After all, adds the manager, “today the drums they represent 50% of the cost of an electric car, while a combustion engine does not go beyond 20-25% ”. An incidence that at this stage does not reconcile with the brand’s mission.

The evolution of technology, however, will change everything in the next few years: “Starting from 2026, in fact, Dacia will also be able to switch to pure electric”, Brunet announces, “we only have to wait for the next generation of batteries to allow switching to zero emissions”.

From the R5 to the Sandero

So what to expect from Dacia’s full electric future? Of course, everything will pass from the intersection with Renault, which for 2024 will present its highly anticipated electric Renault 5, a Segment B that will have a cost similar to that of a Clio, while also maintaining the same level of profitability.

At that point, once “amortized”, the innovative technology used on the electric R5 (and shortly after also on the new Renault 4) will also be able to make its way into the range of the Romanian brand, to give life to what will become the heir electric by Sandero. “There are no precise timelines yet”, concluded Brunet, but in all likelihood the year to be circled on the calendar could really be 2026.

Our test of the Spring

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