ready stocks of 3.3 million doses –

ready stocks of 3.3 million doses –
ready stocks of 3.3 million doses –

The French example: 900,000 more requests with the pass. New deliveries in August, meanwhile there is a “treasure”

It is difficult to calculate the impact of new members starting today. This is social psychology, but it is indubitable that in the vaccination campaign there will be a surge in new bookings which could determine, if the numbers were large, a slight bottleneck in the administrations between now and the next two to three weeks when the Green Pass will also become necessary to go to the restaurant. It is a theme that yesterday the president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, explained to the minister for regional affairs Mariastella Gelmini and to his colleague from Health Roberto Speranza. However, this buffer will be decisive pending the new deliveries of preparations which in August should be around 15 million doses. The timing with which the government gave birth to this decision is no coincidence. For at least three weeks, the campaign has suffered from a slowdown in new memberships.

Regional sources report that the new bookings are taking place worryingly thinning despite the fact that nearly 20 million, aged 12 and over, have not yet received a dose. They had at least 34.7 million compatriots, but the potentially entitled ones are 54.3 million. Since last June 21 the campaign has reversed the trend with the overtaking of the recalls on the first doses. Out of five bites, over 4 are calls. This is why the two thresholds are gradually approaching, even too much compared to expectations: that of vaccinated in the first dose and those of full cycle which have become over 28.5 million. At the moment just over 6.2 million second doses remain to be made, of which about 1.5 million refer to over 60s, for which AstraZeneca and J&J are also allowed. At this rate, over 450 thousand a day, exhausted in just two weeks. It is no coincidence that the period of time that is missing from here to the Green Pass obligation. This is why Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo feels he can reassure the regions. Even if there is a rush to new bookings, the time between booking and administration should not exceed 7-10 days in anticipation of new Pfizer and Moderna supplies. It is clear that those who decide to wait could be faced with a slight time dilation such as to make August 6 a date in which they will inevitably find themselves without a green vaccination certificate having to fall back on the pad which however has a duration of only 48 hours.

At the same time the push for vaccinations continues to school staff. Yesterday Figliuolo sent a second letter to the regions in which he asked for a numerical report of the unvaccinated by 20 August. And the Ministry of Education has sent a note to all the presidents’ offices in which the “ethical and dutiful” value of vaccination is expressed. It is no coincidence that 12-19 years have a preferential lane for administrations. The goal is to cover them at 60% by September when the schools reopen. Almost 1.4 million children.

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