Astrazeneca, the decision of Italy: “Preferential use for over 60s” – Chronicle

Astrazeneca, the decision of Italy: “Preferential use for over 60s” – Chronicle
Astrazeneca, the decision of Italy: “Preferential use for over 60s” – Chronicle
Rome, 7 April 2021 – On the case of Astrazeneca vaccine – after the deepening of theMomwhat has Italy decided to do? It aligns with the position of the European Union to favor the administration of Oxford serum to over 60. The announcement came after Ema and Aifa ratings who considered “plausible” the possibility that the very rare adverse thrombotic events – there are 86 cases with 18 deaths out of a total of over 34 million doses administered – have a causal link with the vaccine. The coordinator of the Cts Franco Locatelli during the Government-Regions meeting he anticipates the position of our country, which he then confirms at a press conference at the Ministry of Health: “Considering the data on lethality (for Coronavirus) which confirm that the victims are mostly elderly, the idea also for Italy is to recommend preferential use over 60 years“, he said. As for the doubts about the second dose, Locatelli added:” We have no elements to discourage the administration of the second dose“. And on this also the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza was unbalanced, in the meeting with the regions: AstraZeneca can be used even under the age of 60 for the recalls.

For the change of address on AstraZenecahowever, there will be “a provision, with all indications,” he said Hope at the same meeting.

Astrazeneca effective vaccine

However, Oxford is a safe vaccine. “Most of the thrombotic events – explains Locatelli – yes they are verified only in the first 14 days after the first administration. The number of doses administered for the second is too limited to draw definitive conclusions “.” Of the 600 thousand treated with two doses of AstraZeneca – added the Director of Aifa, Magrini – none showed thrombotic events “.

Locatelli tried to reassure the presidents of the region, worried that the population no longer trust AstraZeneca, arguing that he should not worry that before the vaccine was recommended for the under 60s and now for the over 60s. The governors, through the mouth of the Venetian Luca Zaia, have feared that neither doctors nor patients will feel comfortable giving, for example, giving depending on the dose of AstraZeneca. “I want to underline – he said at the press conference – that this is the case it’s not AstraZeneca’s funeral which continues to be a reliable vaccine. All this will not lead to major and negative impacts on ours vaccination campaign“.

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Comparison with the EU and the second dose

At the press conference, Locatelli confirmed the line – “Together with the Minister of Health, our position is to recommend a preferential use of the Astrazeneca vaccine in subjects over 60” – and indulges in the comparison with other EU countries: “Limiting ourselves to Germany, Spain and France, the first two have in fact married the line of preferential use over the age of 60, France over the age of 55. With the purpose of to secure the population most at risk, i.e. over 60 years old, the position decided by the minister after a comparison that also involved institutional figures, it was to recommend a preferential use in subjects over 60 years of age “.
“The second administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine – continues Locatelli – in those who received the first dose was a very careful evaluation element. At the moment there are no elements not to consider vaccination in those who received the first dose even though there are a limited number of subjects who received the second dose “.

For his part, the director of Aifa Nicola Magrini explains: “Aifa has activated a specific group of Italian coagulation experts which help to define the different types of cases. Talking about very rare events is difficult: it generates one fear that it does not have to be. This is demonstrated by the British who have restricted the use under 30 years. Italy is experiencing a different phase of the contagion and is asking for a capacity to vaccinate the population most at risk so the focus is on the elderly. Vaccination capacity is increasing “.

Hope: the circular immediately

“We start immediately to write the circular. We must be clear and clear – assured the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. The provision “will contain a recommendation of administer AstraZeneca over the age of 60, in line with what has been decided by other EU countries “. Rezza also confirms at the press conference:” An AstraZeneca vaccine is highly effective against severe forms, between 80 and 100%. Between tonight and tomorrow morning a circular from the Ministry of Health will come out which will resume Aifa’s opinion after hearing Professor Locatelli who will give indications to the Regions on what to do and how to use the vaccine “.

Rezza: accelerate on the elderly

The Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health also intervenes, Gianni Rezza: “I hope that accelerate vaccination of the elderly population. Most of the criticisms concerned the fact that more youths than seniors had been covered. This indication can give a boost to people over 60 years old, who have the highest risk of a final event. The most fruitful thing is to start with the elderly to reduce hospitalization and mortality. Since we have vaccinated teachers and law enforcement what we have to do and the work of incidence of the disease through coverage of the elderly population “.

AstraZeneca, then underlines, “it’s a good vaccine, the British data confirm it. Even with a single dose, the British have brought down mortality. We have had today over 600 deaths, a huge figure. And we still have a situation that must make us reflect “.

Governors: clarity is needed

In some regions, high percentages have been found – even the 40% – AstraZeneca cancellations by citizens. Blame for the contradictory messages circulated. for this reason the regional presidents ask the government and the CTS for clarity. “You must take responsibility for clear communications”, the ‘refrain’ during the meeting which began at 8 pm. At the request of a detailed circular, Minister Speranza explained, in the wake of what Locatelli illustrated, that there will be a recommendation to administer AstraZeneca over the age of 60, along the lines of what was decided by Brussels.
Hope added that the vaccination plan does not change: the goal, including that of Prime Minister Draghi, is always to reach 500,000 doses per day by the end of April.

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Son: from tomorrow also at 60-79 years old

There are no cases of thrombosis after the second dose“of Astrazeneca, the commissioner would have said Francesco Figliuolo to the meeting with the Regions, according to what is learned from sources attending the meeting. In terms of vaccination, the general stated that “we will open the 60-79 year old category from tomorrow Astrazeneca. An audience of about 13 million people, two million of which have already had the first dose “. And he added:” It is good that the Regions have increased the share of over 80. We have to cover this age group as soon as possible “. And in any case in April” there could be deliveries 15-20% higher than forecasts “.

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Burioni: I don’t put my face on it

The virologist Roberto Burioni he decides to “no longer put his face” on the vaccine Astrazeneca, against whom, he says in an article on his blog, he lets “his personal silence” fall as long as that of the company persists. The immunologist did not like the Anglo-Swedish multinational’s choice of keep quiet after the “disturbing news” that are read these days. “People are worried and the multinational remains in religious silence, indeed, to be precise, when Germany blocked its vaccine, it issued this reassuring and convincing statement:” The safety of our vaccine has been extensively studied. in Phase 3 trials and the data reviewed by experts confirm that the vaccine is generally well tolerated. “Not bad, I would say”, jokes Burioni. But the situation of “great fear and uncertainty” on the part of the people would require another behavior. “A company that has over 76 thousand employees and that has made in 2020 many billions (billions, not millions) of profits remains silent and does not deign to reassure the people who have trusted in his work and based on this trust have been injected with a vaccine. Total silence “. (

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