flames lick the houses. The inhabitants evacuated

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July 22, 2021 3:06 pm

A vast fire with flames dangerously licking the houses and the evacuation of some inhabitants. It happens in Castel San Pietro Romano, a small town in the Prenestini Mountains in the province of Rome. The request for intervention to the rescuers around 13:30 on Thursday with the dispatch of two fire brigade teams from the Provincial Command of Rome (24 / A and 16 / A), with the support of the DOS (Director of Operations Shutdown) for the management of aircraft.

The fire broke out close to the inhabited center of the small town south of Rome with the firefighters positioned close to the houses lapped by the flames with the air vehicles engaged in repeated launches to contain the fire.

For safety, several inhabitants were forced to move away from their homes. Also on site are the Civil Protection modules with two tankers, the Carabinieri and the Traffic Police. At the moment no injuries are reported.


flames lick houses inhabitants evacuated

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