The turnaround in Genoa. So Thus Brothers of Italy takes back the deputy mayor

The turnaround in Genoa. So Thus Brothers of Italy takes back the deputy mayor
The turnaround in Genoa. So Thus Brothers of Italy takes back the deputy mayor
In Tursi the center-right passes it off as a twist, but for months the Brothers of Italy have been putting pressure on the mayor Marco Bucci, who in the end had to choose the lesser evil in order not to risk shattering the majority: “sacrifice “his trusted man, on his list the super-commissioner with 23 proxies Pietro Piciocchi.

And so, here is Massimo Nicolò, doctor, head of the Retina and Maculopathies Center of the San Martino ophthalmology clinic in quota at the party of Giorgia Meloni, in less than seven months, he arrives in politics, becomes councilor for Health and Civic Services and now deputy mayor. Pietro Piciocchi (Vince Genova), remains councilor for Budget and Public Works (just to mention the most important subjects), and the mayor assigns him the delegation to the Recovery Fund. “I am at the service of the institutions, I work where it is needed, the decisions are up to the mayor”, Piciocchi limits himself to saying. The appointment of a councilor for the Recovery Fund will have “the function of analyzing, connecting and promoting with the competent authorities, initiatives and projects of interest to the civic administration, in order to seize national and European funding opportunities”, is written in the mayor’s provision. A heavy commitment that perhaps would not have been compatible with the others already on the shoulders of the “super councilor”, but it is no secret that since the farewell of former deputy mayor Stefano Balleari in Tursi for the election to the regional council, Fratelli d ‘Italy pulled the mayor by the jacket to get that role again.

Bucci, not without controversy within his majority, had resisted in September and had wanted the transfer of office to his right arm Piciocchi, considered politically close to the governor Giovanni Toti. Against the background of the mini-reshuffle to obtain the position of great institutional importance such as the position of deputy mayor who recomposes the old political equilibrium, there is also the clash between the Fdi and the Lega. The two parties are at loggerheads, the Carroccio has collected little or almost nothing in the last elections, Fdi instead is advancing and in Genoa it is the second force in the Council. In the corridors of the Municipality, it is said that it was the regional commissioner Matteo Rosso who gave the last push and knocked down the wall to let the “prof” enter. Several photomontages circulate online. One portrays Rosso sitting in the midst of Nicolò and Balleari: “Rosso doesn’t give up, with Massimo the deputy mayor returns to Fratelli d’Italia”.

The party has achieved two goals. Raise your head with this blow to the councilor who has put the budget back in order, removed Amiu from quicksand and has personally followed the most important events of the city with passion and great commitment, such as the question of the Morandi displaced persons; at the same time it weakens the man who in case Bucci doesn’t want to reapply, would have an excellent chance of becoming number one. “We are entering an important period to build the strategies of the country’s future through Recovery. Our city will have to be the protagonist and for this I believe there is a need for direct dialogue between the Government and the Municipality of Genoa, a task for which I asked for Pietro Piciocchi’s help – explains Bucci -. Given the importance and delicacy of the delegation, with Pietro, we decided to relieve him of the deputy mayor’s proxies that will pass to the councilor Massimo Nicolò, moreover satisfying a specific request from a of the important components of our majority “. And it is precisely this aspect of the political “barter” that underlines Alessandro Terrile, leader of the Pd group. “It is sad that the role of deputy mayor is a bargaining chip to balance the structures of the center-right parties.”

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