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We heard screams. something happened to the neighbor. It is a little after sixteen when a man calls the operations center of the carabinieri. He has no problem providing his name and surname. He says he lives in via Tripoli 4. And the screams that a little earlier aroused his concern come from the apartment of an elderly man who lives on the fifth floor of the building, a 1970s condominium in the Santa Rita neighborhood. Shortly after the carabinieri enter the apartment and in the kitchen, in a lake of blood, they find a person spilled on the ground. His name is Vincenzo Rossi and he is 91 years old. The body lying on its side. And in the neck, at the base of the nape, a kitchen knife stuck in the flesh stands out. There is nothing more for him to do.

About twenty minutes before the body was discovered – the carabinieri will reconstruct – a scruffy-looking man walks into the tobacconist’s on the opposite side of the road and buys a pack of cigarettes. He pays with a fifty euro banknote, stained with blood. The investigators seized the videos stored by the CCTV cameras that protect the commercial operation. And for a long time they heard the shopkeeper who served the suspect: an attempt is made to construct an identikit (despite the man having part of his face covered by the mask), it is tried to understand if his voice betrayed a particular accent. the most important clue that investigators are working on to be able to identify the one who is assumed to be the killer of the pensioner. Other videos have been seized in other shops and the recordings of the traffic cameras are also sought to try to identify a possible escape route. From these elements starts the investigation that recounts the last moments of the elderly person’s life.

Former ferrist now retired, the man had lived for over fifty years in the two-room apartment where he was killed. Rossi has never been married, he has no children. Only a few distant relatives who live outside the city. A quiet life marked by solidarity. He did volunteer work: often in the morning he left the house, got on the bus and headed towards the city center in search of lonely people to help. For years he had provided hot meals to homeless and stragglers. And more and more often he welcomed them into his home to give them something to eat. He had faith in his neighbor, but perhaps it was this unconditional confidence that put him in front of his killer.

The carabinieri they found no signs of forced entry and the accommodation was in order. Apparently nothing is missing. Rossi was killed with a kitchen knife, a common object that the killer found at the crime scene. The coroner, at an initial examination (an autopsy will be performed in the next few days), found four cuts: on the shoulder, on the shoulder blades and on the base of the neck. The neighbors remember the needy people who occasionally met in the entrance hall of the condominium. He made them go up to the house – says Luisella Regge -. He was a man with a heart of gold, always ready to help anyone who needed him. In the past I think it was linked to some voluntary association. Vincenzo was a wonderful person, always kind. Last time I met him a couple of days ago: he was quiet.

Meanwhile, until late in the evening the carabinieri of the investigative section, together with the prosecutor Eugenia Ghi, collected the testimonies of friends and acquaintances. Among them also that of an old friend who in the past had had a close relationship with the victim. .

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