Juventus transfer market, free Pjanic | Only option beyond Locatelli

The Pjanic track for Juventus remains open, the only possible option besides Locatelli

Miralem Pjanic © Getty Images

The Juventus continue to work on Manuel Locatelli even if the negotiations with Sassuolo are stalled. The new European champion midfielder with Italy is the first candidate for Massimiliano Allegri’s midfield but the negotiation is finding complications. The alternative, a solution that could also travel parallel to Locatelli, bears the name of Miralem Pjanic, now waste of Barcelona just one year after his arrival in blaugrana. Ronald Koeman it never made him a protagonist of his tactical plans and even the player struggled to show off his real qualities. All the clues lead to think that Pjanic can return to Serie A and Mourinho would also be thinking about it to reinforce his new Roma.

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Juventus transfer market, Pjanic is the only option other than Locatelli

Miralem Pjanic © Getty Images

Given the distance of about 10 million euros between Sassuolo’s request for Locatelli and the offer of Juventus, Miralem Pjanic it could be the only possible option, given the lack of other candidates. The Bianconeri could sign him with the loan formula or even on a free transfer basis, but the main obstacle concerns theengagement of the Bosnian which is around 6-7 million euros per season.

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Massimiliano Merry he has already trained him and knows him well, a not insignificant factor for Pjanic who could be motivated by the desire to return to feel important in a team and in a league he knows very well. There Juventus does not consider Pjanic a first choice of the market, but would take it only in the event that a tempting opportunity arises from Barcelona.

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