The video of the murder of Voghera, the commissioner hit by a punch but the shot is not seen

The video of the murder of Voghera, the commissioner hit by a punch but the shot is not seen
The video of the murder of Voghera, the commissioner hit by a punch but the shot is not seen

Check out a video of one of the video surveillance cameras positioned in Piazza Meardi in Voghera. The images crystallize the moment of the clash between the councilor for security Massimo Adriatici e Youns El Bossettaoui, the 39-year-old Moroccan killed by him with a gunshot. The video ends in the proceedings of the investigation.

In the video we see Youns approaching the councilor with an uncertain step. Then the two seem to be arguing animatedly for a few seconds until the Moroccan does not throw a punch against the commissioner who falls to the ground. Youns is positioned around the corner of the building and nothing is seen of the moment of the shot. Immediately after, he is seen getting up and being approached by a couple of people. From the video it is not clear, however, the moment in which Adriatici, now under house arrest for culpable excess of self-defense, takes up the weapon.

Three weeks ago, the 39-year-old underwent Tso, the mandatory health treatment for mental problems he suffered from and which had worsened after the lockdown. “The autopsy of Youns El Boussetaoui was carried out yesterday without informing, as it should have been, his family members, all Italian citizens and with a residence: he needed to be treated, not killed, he was sick but it didn’t hurt anyone”the victim’s family said.

Adriatici is under house arrest on charges of negligent excess of self-defense, he had a regular firearm license, but it is not clear why he was armed that evening in Voghera and why his pistol had a shot in the barrel. Today the prosecutor of Pavia Roberto Valli asked for the validation of the arrest and the confirmation of the precautionary measure of the house arrest for the Northern League commissioner, self-suspended since yesterday, due to the risk of the crime being repeated. The second interrogation should take place tomorrow.

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