Covid, Vaia: Gathering of Roma fans an act of irresponsibility

Covid, Vaia: Gathering of Roma fans an act of irresponsibility
Covid, Vaia: Gathering of Roma fans an act of irresponsibility

“They are acts of irresponsibility that risk making us go back”. This is how the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, Francesco Vaia, comments on the maxi gathering of Roma fans who met last night in the center of the capital for the 94 years of the team. (ALL THE UPDATES – MAPS AND GRAPHICS OF CONTAGIONS IN ITALY AND IN THE WORLD – VACCINE DATA IN ITALY)

“We can and must allow ourselves everything, even the celebrations of our favorite team, as long as they are done in absolute safety, ie with complete vaccination or, in the absence of it, a negative buffer in 24/48 hours”, Vaia underlined. “I was a promoter of the reopening of the stadiums and also of the holding of the European football championships in Rome – underlines Vaia – but all this according to a protocol that provides for the great events, inside and outside the stadium, to be accessed as in a negative bubble. ‘with complete vaccination or, failing this, with a negative swab within 24/48 hours “.

The gathering in Piazza del Popolo

Last night in the capital the Giallorossi fans gathered to celebrate the club’s 94th birthday. The club has always recognized the official anniversary on 7 June, but not the fans who continue to celebrate 22 July. This time the appointment was in Piazza del Popolo where about a thousand fans gathered. Flags, red smoke bombs and several firecrackers were exploded, with four police armored vehicles guarding the square. Then the chants against Lazio. The meeting ended in via degli Uffici del Vicario, near the Chamber of Deputies where the historic headquarters of Rome are located. Then the fans dispersed through the streets of the center.


Covid Vaia Gathering Roma fans act irresponsibility

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