who was, how did it go to the streets – Libero Quotidiano

who was, how did it go to the streets – Libero Quotidiano
who was, how did it go to the streets – Libero Quotidiano

“He needed to be treated, not killed.” The lawyer is speaking Debora Piazza, defender of family members of Yous El Boussettaoui, the 39 year old immigrant who died in the square a Voghera due to a shot from the pistol of the Northern League councilor for security Massimo Adriatici. A case that soon made the tour of Italy, also because of the easy political exploitation. The details that emerged over the course of the hours were of little use. Adriatici would have invited the Moroccan, in an evident state of intoxication, to calm down and not disturb the patrons of a bar he wanted to enter and the owner of which he had been turned away.

“Why don’t you greet me?”, “Musta” would have asked him (this is the name by which the immigrant was known in the area). When the commissioner threatened to call the police, El Bossettaoui first threw a glass bottle at him. Adriatici pulls out the gun that he had on his belt, the immigrant pushes him making him fall to the ground. It is in this way that the fatal blow would have started, and that is why the accusation against the assessor has passed from voluntary homicide with arrest in flagrante delicto a culpable excess of self-defense. A substantial difference.

“We have not even been notified of the autopsy – the lawyer accused – because they thought he had no relatives, who instead are all Italians”. The victim’s sister, who has just returned from France, adds: “Youns was a person not dangerous, who just needed help. He was shot in the square, in front of many people. And now the killer is at his house, sleeping well rested. Where is the law in this Italy? But are we in Italy or in a forest? “The victim leaves behind two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl.

“My brother was unarmed – emphasizes the woman -. Did he have a rifle? Did my brother have a gun in his hand? Answer me! No, my brother had no weapon in his hand. He was killed in front of people and who killed him now he is at his house. I want to know if here in Italy killing or shooting is legal. Our family tried to help him. He felt more comfortable sleeping on the benches. My husband saw him the other day, he came We called the carabinieri in Livorno Ferraris (Vercelli, ed), can testify. We took him to the hospital but he escaped from the hospital. The carabinieri of Livorno Ferraris called the carabinieri of Voghera to be able to take Youns, not because it hurts someone, it is for him, to defend my brother “.

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