Delta variant, WHO: «Tragic new wave, foolish to think it’s over. The vaccines? Not used well “

Delta variant, WHO: «Tragic new wave, foolish to think it’s over. The vaccines? Not used well “
Delta variant, WHO: «Tragic new wave, foolish to think it’s over. The vaccines? Not used well “

On the virus the battle is long. “Anyone who thinks the pandemic»Of Covid-19« is over, because where she resides she is over, she lives in fools’ paradise ». This was stated in Tokyo by the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in his speech at the 138th session of the International Olympic Committee (CIO). “THE vaccines they are powerful and essential tools. But the world has not used them well, ”reiterated the WHO DG, returning to denounce the continuation of a substantial vaccination inequity. Also for these inequalities in the immunization of the world population, “19 months after the start of the pandemic and 7 months after the approval of the first vaccines – he warned – we are now in the early stages of a new wave of infections and deaths. This is tragic ».

Pandemic, the words of Crisanti

Per Andrea Crisanti instead «last year we wasted 6 months and we risk wasting another 6 this year. It is disconcerting that we have to see the increase in cases for the second time during the summer, it means that we have not learned anything ». The director of the laboratory of microbiology and virology of the hospital / University of Padua said this to Agorà Estate, on Rai Tre.

“The virus is clinically dead, scare is not educational and alarmism is enough”: this is how Zangrillo tries again

Delta variant in Rome, Cauda: “A lot of people circulate in the capital, perhaps they arrived here first”

Green pass, yes of the Regions: «Better than closures». But it’s a battle over colors

“The green pass – he specified on the measure on which to decide in these hours – it is a tool that facilitates people’s lives and recreational activities in my opinion, but to call it a tool that blocks transmission I would say no. It takes other things to do it: tracking worthy of the name, developing an app that works, enhancing the ability to swab. And then we must understand – concluded Crisanti – that the decrease in transmission is fundamental to prevent us from finding ourselves in October-November with the same situation as last year ».

WHO, all data – The cases of Covid-19 reported globally since the beginning of the emergency are now over 190 million, with more than 4 million deaths. The infections are growing and “at this rate it is expected that the total number” of infections “could exceed 200 million in the next 3 weeks”. The World Health Organization predicts this in the report that it releases every 7 days on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic. At the base of the new rise, WHO identifies “4 factors: the circulation of more transmissible variants” of Sars-CoV-2, “the relaxation of social public health measures originally intended to control viral transmission, the increase in social mixing “with the resumption of travel” and the large number of people who remain susceptible to infection due to an unequal distribution of vaccines around the world “.

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