Exhibitions: in Milan the works of Darsa, the ‘Croatian Shakespeare’ – Books – Insights

Exhibitions: in Milan the works of Darsa, the ‘Croatian Shakespeare’ – Books – Insights
Exhibitions: in Milan the works of Darsa, the ‘Croatian Shakespeare’ – Books – Insights

(ANSA) – MILAN, 21 JUL – The new exhibition that opens tomorrow until 17 September at the Braidense National Library is dedicated to Marin Držić-Marino Darsa. A review defined as “extraordinary” by the organizers, which, through very precious works, including some unique pieces in the world, aims to enhance the work of the most important Croatian playwright in history.

Born in Ragusa in 1508 and died in Venice in 1567, “Marino Darsa represents for the Croats what Shakespeare is for the English, Dante for the Italians, Cervantes for the Spaniards” explained in a press conference the curator of the exhibition, Professor Katja Bakija of the University of Dubrovnik. In Milan, visitors will be able to discover the first two editions of the drama “Tirena” in five acts of 1551 and the edition of 1630 together with “Piesni”, also the first edition of 1551, considered the most important “treasures” of the exhibition. Among the other rarities on display – 85 in all – there are also two volumes from the Braidense collection and four volumes from the Pambianchi-Kramarić private collection, of the main works of Marko Marulić / Marco Marulo, considered the father of Croatian literature.

For the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan Filippo Del Corno, the exhibition project “allows to turn the light on a figure not particularly known but whose biography reveals the rich network of cultural and intellectual relations that already existed at the time in which Darsa lived between Italian culture and European culture “. Furthermore, “the fact that unique examples of the works of the greatest Croatian playwright are kept in the Braidense Library testifies to the rich interchange of cultures in the late Renaissance”, underlined James Bradburne, director of the Brera Art Gallery and the Braidense Library. (HANDLE).


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