The ranking of the 10 best airlines 2021 (despite Covid)

The ranking of the 10 best airlines 2021 (despite Covid)
The ranking of the 10 best airlines 2021 (despite Covid)

2020 – due to pandemics and forced closures to contain infections – was a black year for aviation: according to ENAC, the National Civil Aviation Authority, just over 52 passed through Italian airports last year. million passengers, with a collapse of 72.5% compared to 2019 and losses of one billion euros for the airport system.

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Now, albeit with some uncertainty on the part of travelers, we have returned to take the plane. The portal (here the site), which has its base in Australia, has traditionally drawn up the expected “Airline Excellence Awards” ranking of the best carriers in the world. Unlike other rankings, very similar, that of AirlineRatings is considered among the most reliable, because it is elaborated starting from the documents on the safety of governments and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United Nations agency that deals with flight safety.

The top of AirlineRatings: the new number 1

AirlineRatings experts analyzed the performance of hundreds of carriers, based on criteria ranging from the years of the fleet to the number of accidents, from passenger assessments to the response they gave regarding Covid-19 and the measures taken. Well, for 2021 there is a new entry in first place: Qatar Airways climbed the rankings by beating the winner of the last six years, Air New Zealand, who came in at number two.

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To weigh on the final judgment, he explained to CNN Geoffrey Thomas, chief editor of, was above all the high standards of safety against Covid-19 of the flag carrier of Qatar, much appreciated by passengers. Indeed: despite the measures taken to fight the pandemic, travel bans and the closure of borders, Qatar Airways has never stopped flying. As the group’s chief executive, Akbar Al-Baker, pointed out, “We have connected over 3 million people in the early stages of the pandemic lockdown, bringing them safely to their loved ones.”

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