Covid, fourth wave in Italy? Crisanti: It will happen as in England “- Chronicle

Covid, fourth wave in Italy? Crisanti: It will happen as in England “- Chronicle
Covid, fourth wave in Italy? Crisanti: It will happen as in England “- Chronicle

A fourth wave of Covid-19 in Italy it is far from unpredictable. Indeed, “if you can see what happened in England, which in my opinion is aanticipation of what will happen in Italy. Considering also the fact that the protection rate of the Italian population is lower than the English one, it is not that it takes a divinatory art to understand what will happen in Italy. It is written in the graph of England. “To say it is Andrea Crisanti, director of the University of Molecular Medicine Department
Padua, speaking on Raitre at “Agorà Estate”.

“England has gone from a thousand cases to 50 thousand in 40 days” per day, the virologist emphasizes. And it is only “partially true”, he warns, that there are no repercussions on hospitalizations and deaths. “England went from 2-3 deaths to 50 deaths per day and from 500 hospitalizations to 2,500, on the rise “. So beware of” a narrative that is false – warns Crisanti – With this number of cases, without vaccine, England would easily have 700-800 deaths a day. And anyway, if the cases in England continue to increase, as they probably will, they will have 100 deaths a day. “

Stopping the transmission of the virus is essential – he adds – to prevent us from finding ourselves in October-November with the same situation as the other year. We wasted 6 months last year and we are preparing to waste another 6 months this year. “A picture that the virologist defines as paradoxical:” I think it is disconcerting to have to witness the increase in cases for the second time during the summer . We have not learned anything “.

“We need to understand – he reiterates – what a lockdown“that” imposes a great sacrifice to people because it dramatically decreases the quality of life “. But” it serves to buy time, to create all the necessary measures to block viral transmission when cases have decreased. ” Green pass the tool that blocks infections: “In my opinion the Green pass facilitates people’s lives and recreational activities” but “call it a tool that blocks
the transmission I would say no. It takes many other things. “For example” a tracking system worthy of the name. We need to develop an App that works, enhance the ability to swab and incorporate it into a national tracking policy. Not that every Region does as it pleases “.

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