here is the book that allows you to enter “turnkey” Medicine

here is the book that allows you to enter “turnkey” Medicine
here is the book that allows you to enter “turnkey” Medicine

Do you dream of becoming a doctor but are you afraid of facing the entrance test and six years of university?
Do you want to experience the thrill of a course of study abroad but moved to a city, alone, just graduated, it terrifies you?
Do you want to have the opportunity to move back to an Italian university but the bureaucracy stops you even before filling out the first form?

“Studying Medicine Abroad: The Complete Guide to Getting Immediately into Medicine” is the book for you. The volume, written by Nino Del Pozzo, was created to be a practical guide (one to always keep in your pocket) to face the entrance to the Medical University abroad without unnecessary anxieties and “worries of mind”. Nino Del Pozzo, in fact, is a coach of the university world abroad, a sort of mentor who supports families and children in their educational growth.

A book, therefore, that was created to be a “travel note”, a sort of diary on which to write down all the steps necessary to choose a path of excellence and become an international doctor or, alternatively, have an experience of one year at the abroad and then return to Italy to tackle the academic path in Medicine.

Thirteen chapters with concrete examples of medical access tests, testimonies and stories from the point of view of a “training” as defined by Del Pozzo himself in the approximately one thousand pages of the manual. However, we must not be scared by the length because thanks to a fresh, captivating and highly engaging style, the book flows fluidly. Also suitable for reading in the summer. On the other hand, we know: it is often in the summer months, once school is over, that children choose their educational future.

Under the lens also the pros and cons of the path abroad, among which certainly the strengthening of the character of the boy, the detachment from the family that leads to an independent life and the improvement of one’s level of English fundamental in a society and always moves. more in the 4.0 perspective.

And again the Medicine Tutor approach initially oriented towards parents (after all, which parent is not afraid that his child will fly abroad?) But subsequently completely projected towards children and the importance of action and speed: “The duration of the medical school is six years – reads the book – and therefore even a year can make a difference. The important thing is speed for this reason the Medicine Tutor service allows you to reduce the time speed up learning prepare for the entrance test efficiently. In less than 15 days and with a minimum of preparation with biology and chemistry tutors, access is guaranteed to 99% “.

A book, which became Amazon Best Seller in just 24 hours, which provides the keys in hand to embark on a university trip to foreign medical faculties or, if one wishes, to return to Italy after 1 or 2 years to complete their studies. .

“Studying medicine abroad: the complete guide to get into medicine immediately” can be purchased at the link

Carmen Angiolini

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