The Zan bill submerged by a thousand amendments (700 by the League alone): the law disappears from the July calendar. Towards the postponement to September

The ddl Zan, submerged by over a thousand amendments, disappears from the calendar of works in July a Madama Palace and now risks being postponed to September. As expected, today they were dozens of requests for changes presented by the center-right (and not only) to bill against homotransphobia: a mass so imposing as to make any dialogue difficult, unlike what has been promised in recent days by the same parties that have been stonewalling for months. I am indeed 700 the amendments of Carroccio, 134 those of Be e 127 those of fdi. 80 those presented by Paola Binetti (Udc). And the Renzians, if they had always promised that they would not deposit any, in the end they presented them quattro. “They are the clear attempt to bury the law. Other than the desire for dialogue and mediation. Salvini on rights confirms that it has the same line as Orban“He wrote on Twitter Alessandro Zan, Pd deputy and first signatory of the bill. Meanwhile today Enrico Letta, questioned by Repubblica, reiterated: “There is no change of line. Yes to the confrontation in the Senate “but” no negotiations with Salvini. For us the text Camera remains the best “.

By now, barring twists and turns, the bill is destined to be postponed to September: a postponement which can be convenient for the parties in view of the electoral campaign for the administrative, but which can sanction the definitive collapse. To restart the parliamentary path to the measure (which in the Chamber in November had had the compact approval of the Giallorossi majority) and do so in the midst of white semester, it actually means working to make it fail. An outcome that had been feared for months, but which became inevitable after the about-face of Italy alive who, after having contributed to the writing of the text, decided not to support it anymore. In the meantime, the general discussion with 35 senators intervened in the obstructionist marathon wanted by the center-right. However, it is now clear that the bill is on a dead end, at least until September. In fact, from tomorrow Palazzo Madama will be engaged in the discussion of the decrees: dl support bis, dl recovery and then dl on cybersecurity.

The amendments – The modification proposals mostly ask for the modification of articles 1, 4 and 7: freedom of expression, save ideas clause and prevention activities against homotransphobic violence in schools. The one who presented the most requests for changes is the Carroccio with 672 amendments, to which 20 are added only by Senator Roberto Calderoli. Of these over 1000 amendments, 700 were presented by Carroccio: 672 by the group and 20 by Roberto Calderoli. But surprisingly, and despite saying he wouldn’t, too Italy alive deposited four: two of which signed by the group leader, Davide Faraone together with his colleague Giuseppe Cucca and two from Cucca with the socialist Riccardo Nencini. In particular, the Renzians aim to transform the “purpose” of the provision to remove the reference togender identity, a wording that allows the protection of trans people. Come on Italy presented 134 while from Brothers of Italy 127 arrived. The UDC Senator, Paola Binetti alone it asks for about eighty changes. The Autonomy they propose 4. The accounts of the requests coming from the Mist groupo: 5 by Gregorio De Falco; 3 by Mattia Crucioli of the Alternative There. At 3.30 pm the group leader of the Senate meets to understand, before the start of the proceedings of the Chamber scheduled for 4.30 pm, how to proceed with the parliamentary procedure. The deadline for tabling amendments expired at 12.

Lega: “If there is dialogue, Lega ready to withdraw most of the amendments”. Vito (Fi): “Under these conditions mediation impossible” – Now the goal is clear: postpone everything and try to bury the provision definitively. There League he claims to be still ready to mediate, even if any change means making the law start again from scratch: “If there is dialogue, the League is ready to withdraw most of the amendments presented to the Zan Bill. If, on the other hand, the Democratic Party continues to want a fight, it will destroy the law and the protection of the rights of thousands of people “, he said. Maximilian Romeo, leader of the League in the Senate. The answer was Elio Vito, a deputy from Fi who, in disagreement with the group, supports the bill and who rejected the offer: “The League on the Zan bill respects the average, after having requested 170 hearings in the Commission, presented 700 amendments in the Chamber. that in these conditions no mediations are possible. The Zan Bill becomes law as soon as possible, ”he said. Meanwhile, in the afternoon Matteo Salvini met a delegation from Gay Lib, an association close to the center-right that has opened up the possibility of changes.

Instead, the Democratic Party is protesting. ”672 amendments presented by the League to the Zan bill. Those of dialogue and mediation, who are inspired by the Holy Father ”, tweeted the deputy dem Filippo Sensi. And the senator too Monica Cirinnà declared: “672 amendments from the League alone. Agree with Orban? Here is the dialogue desired by some. We have never had any doubts. There have never been political conditions for mediation. Enough with tactics. Enough insults to the dignity of the people ddl Zan immediately and without changes ”.

Just as the general discussion continued in the Chamber, the clash between the League and the Democratic Party went on on Twitter. The controversy resumed after a tweet from Claudio Borghi, a deputy of the League, who attacked journalists who contact him to ask him if he has been vaccinated and invites them to ask “a lgbt” if “he is HIV-positive or take prophylaxis”. To that sentence the secretary dem replied Enrico Letta commenting: “Those with whom we should negotiate and share norms against homotransphobia…”.

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