Parties in dispute over the mandatory vaccine, the Democratic Party wants to inoculate everyone – Time

Parties in dispute over the mandatory vaccine, the Democratic Party wants to inoculate everyone – Time
Parties in dispute over the mandatory vaccine, the Democratic Party wants to inoculate everyone – Time

Daniele Di Mario

July 20, 2021

There is not only the green pass to split the majority that supports the government Draghi. The parties are also divided on the compulsory anti-Covid vaccination, which according to the leader of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi – could only be avoided through the green pass. “I am in favor of its use, including for transport. If we have to return to the red zone, those who are not vaccinated go there. And the only way to avoid the compulsory vaccine ».

A solution, the latter which does not displease the secretary of the Pd Enrico at all Read, but the whole center-right, both the government and the Brothers of Italy, is opposed to it. To trigger the fuse of the umpteenth controversy on anti-Coronavirus measures is Enrico Letta. The secretary Dem, closing the Festa dell’Unità in Testaccio the other evening, reiterates: «I am among those in favor of compulsory vaccination. It is not something that does not exist, there are already vaccination obligations. “We are not inventing something new. After what has happened in this year and a half, I wonder what else we have to wait”.

The sovereign forces take the opposite view. Lega leader Matteo Salvini replies: «It seems right to me to put parents and grandparents in safety, it seems insane to threaten, force, coerce and fine 15 and 18 year olds. Anyone who talks about the green pass already for this summer for our children does enormous damage to them and to the Italian system, because no one in their twenties will have the second dose even before autumn ». On the same line Giorgia Meloni who reiterated his clear opposition. «The vaccination obligation is even further away – said the leader of FdI – as well as devastating our economy, it would be a free and useless choice. It is not an ideological issue, but it seems to me that it is being addressed in this way. We must promote the vaccination campaign and to do so we need a transparent and serious campaign, which has been lacking in this whole affair ».

Instead, it is in favor of compulsory vaccination Renzi, at least for schools and health care (about ten no-vax doctors were suspended from the service yesterday in Udine). “We must give the vaccination obligation at least to two categories, the health sector and the school world. I don’t know if there will be the strength to do it, I would have done it “, explains the leader of Italia Viva, who adds:” The infections grow and grow, but for those who have antibodies no alarmism. The problem is not the number of infected people, but the intensive care, hospitalization, deaths. I hope the government changes the rules of quarantine: if a vaccinated comes in contact with a positive today he goes into quarantine for 14 days. Madness! Those who have the green pass must be protected ». “For my part, I reiterate my position: those who work at school or in hospitals, in my opinion, should have the obligation to vaccinate. For all others I would extend the use of the Green Pass on the model Macron. Enough with the red areas: those who are not vaccinated go to the red area. Those who have antibodies can go anywhere! ”, Concludes the former premier.

But Matteo Salvini it doesn’t fit: «84% of teachers have already had the first dose of vaccine, 75% have already completed the cycle, by September it is estimated that over 90% (voluntary) coverage among teachers will be reached. What is the point of talking about obligations or dismissals at school? ». Then the Northern League secretary gives another jab to Letta, who had defined him as “irresponsible because he laughs and jokes” on the subject of vaccinations: “Can you see me laughing and joking? The heat plays tricks on someone who used to live in Paris. I respond with facts. If it were for the Democratic Party we would still have Conte e Arches. Do you see Arcuri vaccinating the Italians? We respond with Draghi, Son and seriousness ». To cut the legs to the controversy is the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza: «There is no admissible ambiguity on vaccines by any political force. The restart and the future of the country depend on the vaccination campaign ”.

CHAOS IN MALPENSA Discomfort yesterday in Italian airports with many vacationers to deal with the lack of information and with contradictory indications about the bureaucratic procedures to be carried out in order to embark and reach foreign destinations. Situation complicated by operations related to the control of the green pass at airports, which is causing slowdowns and problems in the main Italian airports. At Malpensa because they do not have the Plf form (Passenger Locator Form), inconvenience for Italian tourists headed to the Greek island of Kos. Many had to delay their arrival in Greece or Spain because they did not have all the anti-Covid documentation in order.

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