Reggio Calabria, 2 Municipal Police officers arrested and 7 others suspended: they stole the goods of street vendors, denounced by a non-EU citizen. Discovered sensational round of favors for cars [DETTAGLI]

Reggio Calabria, the Fiamme Gialle of the Guardia di Finanza arrested 2 officers of the Municipal Police and suspended another 7 from public operation for a year with very serious charges: “extortion, undue inducement to give or promise benefits, false ideology and private violence”

The soldiers of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria have carried out, today, an order for the application of the precautionary measure for coercive personal house arrest against 2 agents of the Local Police of Reggio Calabria and the interdictive personal precautionary measure of the suspension from the exercise of the public office held for the duration of twelve months towards other 7 agents, as well as subjected to the real precautionary measure of preventive seizure an authorized judicial depository, registered in the Prefectural Register, for the crimes of extortion, undue inducement to giving or promising usefulness, false ideology and private violence.

The investigations, carried out by the Reggio Calabria Company and coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, directed by the Attorney Dr. Giovanni Bombardieri, arose from the complaint filed in October 2020 by a non-EU citizen, a street vendor with a regular license, who had represented having suffered a theft of the goods he exhibited for sale, by two unknown persons, then turned out to be two agents of the Local Police (A.M. – cl. ’78 e C.G. – cl. ’75), arrested today, without drawing up and issuing any report of administrative seizure or dispute.

The preliminary investigative activities made it possible to ascertain, also through the acquisition and analysis of video-recordings, the truthfulness of what was reported by the peddler: the same, in fact, had been, in effect, the victim of an unjustified appropriation of the goods on display by two public officials, in abuse of their quality, despite the exhibition of the authorization license, which, viewed by the suspects, was launched in the direction of the extra-community, without returning the goods improperly learned.

From a subsequent development of the first investigative inputs, under the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor Dr. Gerardo Dominijanni and under the direction of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic Dr. Alessia Giorgianni, the yellow flames of Reggio revealed how several others belonging to the Local Police of the Reggio capital (F.D. – cl. ’63, C.V. – cl. ’71, S.C. – cl. 67, C.M. – cl. ’78, F.U.F. – cl. ’71, M.G. – cl. ’71 e C.P. – cl. ’77) systematically subtracted, in the context of ordinary services aimed at combating illegal commercialism, the goods displayed for sale by street vendors of non-EU origins, without providing for the drafting and issuing of administrative seizure reports or other acts , but proceeding with the subsequent publication, on the Municipal Praetorian Register, of reports of discovery of goods drawn up against unknown persons.

It was also possible to see how two local Reggio policemen, subjected to house arrest (AM – cl. ’78 and CG – cl. ’75) had set up a partnership aimed at finding vehicles to be scrapped, acquired or cannibalized, together with three subjects (SB – cl. ’74, IAD – cl. ’94 and SDF – cl. ’75) to which two companies operating in the sector of rescue and removal of vehicles belong, one of which is a judicial depository authorized – now subject to seizure – with the intent of obtaining illicit gains.

In particular, the two public officials, found on the public road cars without the necessary insurance coverage, instead of proceeding to contest the violations of the case or to the administrative seizure operations, induced the owners of the vehicles to entrust the vehicles in question to the representatives of one of the two companies, in turn, behind the threat of the imposition of hefty pecuniary sanctions and in the face of failure to contest violations. The latter, in agreement with the two agents of the Local Police, after the payment of a sum of money in cash, proceeded, subsequently, to the operations of removal and scrapping.

The two companies unduly benefited from these operating procedures: one, authorized, whose managers operated in the capacity of persons in charge of public service, charging prices far higher than those provided for by the agreement with the Municipality, and omitting, in full, to pay a percentage of the undue income by way of concession fee (since there is no record of the fines detected by public officials), and the other, in the total absence of any legitimacy to intervene in the removal of vehicles on behalf of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, attributable to a subject definitively convicted of mafia association.

In other cases it has even been ascertained that the two agents in question sponsored the operating companies involved in the criminal scheme, proposing various kinds of advantages and conveniences even when the offenders on duty reported that they already knew some trusted wrecker drivers. The result of these conducts, thanks also to the deterrent power of the huge administrative sanctions envisaged, was the matured conviction of citizens to rely on the companies belonging to the suspects.

One expedient used by the two Local Police officers was to notify the representatives of the vehicle removal companies, indicating, in advance, the place of the operations, so that at the time of their activation, they could suddenly arrive there. This mechanism, in fact, forced the offenders on duty to pay, in any case, the sum foreseen for the “right to call”, which is due even if the removal is not carried out as long as the wrecker arrives within twenty minutes of the call.

On several occasions, the suspects discussed the market value of certain cars, identified during their “interventions”: the public officials even asked the representatives of the companies to remove vehicles if the vehicles were to their liking, in order to decide, based on the response received, whether to actually proceed with the administrative sequestration or not; consequently, where there was no interest, we proceeded only at a later time with the mandatory minutes of the case.

The interest in question has sometimes turned out to be limited to individual vehicle components, fueling a real business on spare parts: some vehicles, in fact, have been concretely cannibalized, with removal, at “trusted” workshops of the suspects, of pieces to be applied to their or friends’ cars.

Where, on the other hand, the two agents of the Local Police realized that the sanctioned vehicles were attributable to family members of their colleagues, they did their best to report the circumstance to the latter, so as to avoid proceeding with the minutes. In one case, one of the suspects expressly invited his interlocutor (one of the de facto holders of the authorized judicial depository) to move a van, so that it could not be seen by one of his superiors, with whom he was entangled at that juncture. The suspect’s fear was that the superior present would proceed to raise the disputes and seize the vehicle.

For the above, the GIP of the Court of Reggio Calabria, Dr. Vincenza Bellini, at the request of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, issued an order for the application of the precautionary measure for coercive personal house arrest against 2 Local Police officers ( AM and CG) of the personal precautionary measure disqualifying the suspension from the exercise of the public office held for the duration of twelve months against other 7 agents (FD, CV, SC, CM, FUF, MG and CP) and of the real precautionary measure of the preventive seizure of one of the companies operating with the public officials under investigation.

The precautionary measure in question was executed today by the yellow flames of Reggio, which also carried out searches at the places falling within the availability of the suspects.

The transaction in question highlights the always high attention of the Guardia di Finanza towards conduct compromising the good performance of the Public Administration, with particular regard to cases in which public officials use the powers conferred on them by law to procure undue advantages to himself and / or others.

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