Elisabetta Canalis, the devastating loss for a mother: the dark drama

Elisabetta Canalis, the devastating loss for a mother: the dark drama
Elisabetta Canalis, the devastating loss for a mother: the dark drama

Elisabetta Canalis shows herself and has always shown herself to be a sunny person, smiling and very sweet, without letting thoughts and worries shine through. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had to face pain or loss in her life. And that’s exactly what she went through a few years ago: mourning.

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It is useless to make big presentations for one of the most beautiful and beloved showgirls in the history of Strip The News. Per Elisabetta Canalis, together with his colleague and former friend Maddalena Corvaglia, the spark immediately struck, winning a prominent place in the hearts of Italians.

Today she shows herself on social media in perfect physical shape, always around for work and super in love with her family, her husband and her beautiful little girl Sky Eva. But in the past it hasn’t been all plain sailing and he had to face a delicate and very sad period due to a loss.

Elisabetta Canalis, the devastating loss of her son

It was 2014, he had just started dating the orthopedic surgeon for some time Brian Perri and found out she was pregnant. Immediately the news filled her and her companion with joy, imagining how their life would change shortly thereafter. The well-known showgirl already thought what she would call it, the habits she would have to change, the dresses she would buy and above all whether it would be female or male.

And as they usually advise “wait three months“, The two had made the decision not to tell anyone, if not the really close people. But as Elizabeth herself confirmed shortly after, being a public figure, information circulates and spreads. The press already knew everything before she even intended to make it known. And even worse, the unthinkable happened: she lost the baby.

Unfortunately in these cases it can happen but it always is a hard blow e “a pain opens up within you that is hard to leave, an unthinkable pain and really too strong“. Thus, with these words, Canalis spread the news through a message on Twitter, where he explained what had happened, how he was and above all how he felt close to women who were experiencing the same pain. At the end of the message, we read that the same is considered a lucky woman to have a man like Brian and that she is sure that the future will hold news and more beautiful moments.

After the rain, the sun always shines

This sentence seemed almost premonitory and anticipatory of what would really happen next. Or maybe more simply a mother sentenced him when it happens and when the arrival of a baby completely changes your life.

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And indeed, after a year, Sky Eva, her beautiful baby girl, was born. This makes us reflect how sometimes life is surprising and at the same time apparently malignant. Behind something bad, there is always something more beautiful on the horizon, just wait!

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