Prince Harry involved in a completely drunk accident: the background

Prince Harry accident – Solonotizie24

Over the years, Prince Harry has always been considered the ‘rebel’ of the royal family, often in the crosshairs of the tabloids and also involved in some quarrels with the paparazzi that this would not frown upon. Only a few years ago, however, he and his brother William had a delicate accident after over-drinking, and thus both princes were found in a state of intoxication.

The Queen Elizabeth over the years she has always had to pay close attention to the behavior of her family members, a great responsibility that came to her with the coronation and that in some ways began with her sister Margaret and which today continues with her grandchildren. . Not surprisingly, once again in the crosshairs of media attention we find the Principe Harry but in the company of his brother William.

The second son of Lady Diana and Prince Charles has always been in the crosshairs of the attention of the web due to some scandals, or attitudes that have infuriated the queen on several occasions … but has William’s involvement made everything more ‘serious’ than expected?

Prince Harry accident – Solonotizie24

Harry out of control

It is not the first time that one of the members of the royal family has rebelled against the protocol by taking actions that have then caused the tabloids to discuss over the years, something that he also knows very well. Harry that in his early twenties he showed up at a party wearing a Nazi military uniform, thus unleashing the press and the British themselves who have flooded the royal family with criticism.

Over the years, moreover, there have also been clashes with the paparazzi and pressure at the palace for the Principe William to whom perfect behavior is always required, on every occasion, since he is one of the legitimate heirs to the crown. But what have the two sons of Lady Diana put in place so serious as to infuriate the Queen (again)?

Prince Harry accident - Solonotizie24
Prince Harry accident – Solonotizie24

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The drunk accident for the Windsor brothers

According to the international press, in 2016 Harry e William they allowed themselves a moment of relaxation between brothers by raising their elbows a lot … thus ending up overcoming the limit and getting drunk. Subsequently the two Princes would have thus decided to go outside the place where they were and take a long walk, when William would then fall into a bush.

Prince Harry accident - Solonotizie24
Prince Harry accident – Solonotizie24

Harry and William, would have been around immediately, they would have been rescued by a person who was in, or an alleged paparazzo who wanted to immortalize the scene but intervene promptly to find Harry’s protection officer, thus avoiding a new scandal.

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