The Science Museum presents the Study Collections | July 24

The Science Museum presents the Study Collections | July 24
The Science Museum presents the Study Collections | July 24

The National Science and Technology Museum presents a new educational cultural offer aimed at the public by making its Study Collections accessible for the first time. The project, which will have a progressive trend in the future, started before 2020 and led to the reorganization of the deposits located in the Aeronavale Pavilion, in order to transform them into areas accessible to the public.

Starting from July 24th and for the whole summer period until August 28th, guided tours for small groups will be bookable and they will be able to access the deposits every Saturday at 11.30 am. With this initiative, the Museum wants to sensitize people to the protection and enhancement of assets representative of the history of science and technology.

A heritage to be protected

Italy is in fact a country with a scientific and technological heritage coming from the world of research, industry, school institutions and individual citizens – from ancient, modern and contemporary times -, very relevant and widespread throughout the territory but not yet fully registered. In particular, the materials relating to the second half of the twentieth century are those most at risk of dispersion due to the extraordinary technical-scientific development and the rapid obsolescence of tools and machinery, but also due to the inherent difficulty in recognizing the status of cultural heritage to this heritage. by the producers themselves. For this reason the Museum is committed daily to the conservation of cultural heritage with the mission of passing it on to future generations.

As in any museum, not all objects that make up the heritage are however accessible to the public: of the 19,000 total assets of the Museum, 2,700 are exhibited. The deposits are in fact vital spaces of development, which preserve a large part of the collections collected and carry with them an immaterial knowledge of stories, knowledge, gestures and experiences.

Deposits in figures

7,800 total square meters used for storage

2,400 sq m total area of ​​Studio Collections

600sqm other deposits inside the Museum

4,800 square meters of total external storage area

19,000 total assets of the Museum

2,700 assets exhibited at the Museum (15% of total assets) + 100 exhibited at third parties

7,800 assets stored in Study Collections

6,400 goods stored in other deposits inside the Museum

2,000 assets stored in external deposits

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