Color of the regions and green pass, Costa reveals the future of Italians – Il Tempo

Color of the regions and green pass, Costa reveals the future of Italians – Il Tempo
Color of the regions and green pass, Costa reveals the future of Italians – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

July 19, 2021

English model or French model? This is the dilemma of the Monday 19th July episode of “L’aria che tira Estate”. The morning study program of La 7, led by Francesco Magnani, devotes ample space to the recent news of the increase in infections from Covid-19. The Indian variant continues to frighten France and Spain, the first struggling with the obligation of the health pass, the second with the reactivation of the evening curfew from 1 am to 6 am. The only voice out of the chorus, the English one who, despite the rise in cases, is about to gradually eliminate the restrictive measures against the virus.

And what will the reorganization be in Italy? The Undersecretary for Health thinks about it Andrea Costa, host in connection of the transmission. “We are facing this pandemic and we are managing it. – begins the undersecretary – I hear about French and English models, in our country we always have the habit of appealing and looking at the models of others and we don’t give too much value to our own models. We have an Italian model of the green pass ”. A measure already in force, for some months, for some realities such as visits to the RSA, weddings and events in stadiums.

Costa he continues, announcing the next decisions of the control room: “I think our model is giving important results. This will be an important week because we will finally change the data that will determine the passage of the regions in colors. Also because, with such a large number of vaccinated people, we cannot give too much importance to those who are infected but we must monitor the hospitalized “. And on the hypothesis of the green pass model France, the undersecretary says: “If we talk about an Italy in the white zone, it seems excessive to me to think of a vaccination pass to go for a coffee or eat a pizza with my daughter. Among other things, if I have a 10-year-old daughter who cannot be vaccinated because there is no vaccine, I should also bear the cost of the tampon. I believe that we must provide for an extension of the green pass starting from the most crowded places “. Costafinally, he adds anticipating the nature of the “Italian style” certification: “I will say even more, in our country we have a 50% limit for theaters and cinemas. We have limitations on public transport as far as long journeys are concerned, perhaps we can introduce the green pass to increase these capacities and give perspectives “.

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Color regions green pass Costa reveals future Italians Tempo

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