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BRN Village, Marco and Gianluca Bernardi launch the first village in Italy dedicated to Bicycle – Sport

BRN Village, Marco and Gianluca Bernardi launch the first village in Italy dedicated to Bicycle – Sport
BRN Village, Marco and Gianluca Bernardi launch the first village in Italy dedicated to Bicycle – Sport

How to combine sport, well-being, care for the environment and development of the territory? Simple: just follow the BRN Village model, the first village dedicated to the world of cycling and wellness in Italy, which will be born in Forlimpopoli (province Forlì-Cesena) in the heart of Romagna from the “ashes” of an area that has become a symbol of neglect. , of decay and abandonment, 70 thousand square meters that in the past housed the establishment of a historic sugar factory closed in the early 2000s.

“A unique project of its kind – underlines Gianluca Bernardi of BRN, a leading company in the distribution of components and accessories for bicycles, with 3 thousand points of sale in Europe – which represents much more than a simple transfer of production site, but wants to be a model of sustainable development of the territory and excellence in relations between public and private “.

BRN, in fact, has chosen to build its new headquarters without resorting to the usual “soil consumption”, but regenerating an abandoned area and, at the same time, creating a “village” dedicated to the world of cycling that develops around the plant. , a real infrastructure with a high social and not just economic value, an authentic “Bengodi” at the service of two-wheel enthusiasts, tourists and all the inhabitants of the area.

“For us – adds Marco Bernardi – the ‘village’ is the garden of our company that we are happy to make available to everyone, for events and to get closer and closer to a sport that is growing in popularity such as cycling. Well-being, sociality and development are a whole for BRN that we want to promote for the benefit of our employees and the whole territory “.

The new headquarters will be one of the structures that will characterize the BRN Village (15,500 m2 between the logistics and management area), but inside there will also be an educational center for road education for the little ones, 2 Pump Track, a Bike Café and a “Cyclist’s Square”.

“The BRN Village – adds Gianluca Bernardi – develops in an area that has been abandoned for almost 20 years, which we wanted to transform into a large park dedicated to bicycles and healthy lifestyles, returning it to the community with over 500 new plantings and a pedestrian path of almost 2 linear km, which connects the park to the other cycle paths coming from the urban center “.

But there is more. In this area there are three tracks dedicated to cyclists of today and tomorrow: on the one hand, in fact, there is an educational track in rubberised surface designed for civic and road education, which will be available to all organizations and local schools that will also be able to make use of a teaching room in which to deal with the theoretical aspects of cycling on the road; on the other hand, the Pump Track – technical routes for Mountain Bike and Freestyle – for a total of 342 linear meters and an overall development of 3,200 m2, which make this facility the largest Pumptrack Area in Italy.

A few steps from the tracks will also be built a Bike Café of 560 m2 with 100 seats indoors and 100 outdoors, which will exclusively supply food and drinks for health and sport, 100% organic and linked to the territory. A place to celebrate healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, where sports supplements and health foods produced by Buon Food, a branch of BRN active in the Sport & Health Food sector, will also be available.

Finally, in the heart of the park, there will be the “Piazza del Ciclista”, a partially covered area in which three different Bike Stations will be installed, equipped with the main tools and tools for the care and repair of the bike, combined with nine points of universal charger for e-bike batteries.

Another important attraction of Piazza del Ciclista, the “functional water house”, where all cyclists will have the opportunity to fill their water bottle by choosing between alkaline water, hydrogen water and mineralized water, optimal solutions for improve their hydration and performance.

“The BRN Village – observes Marco Bernardi – is a work strongly linked to the territory, like the suppliers who contribute to its realization, because our goal is to make the BRN Village a real ‘Park at KM0’ also from the point of from an implementation point of view. An important challenge, for a total investment that exceeds 15 million euros “.

“We are proud of this project – adds Gianluca Bernardi – and we hope it can contribute to spreading and strengthening the culture of cycling, sustainable mobility and well-being in Italy”. With the BRN Village we have tried to build a space in which sustainable mobility and healthy food can coexist, two elements that fully represent the philosophy of our company “.

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