Vaccini Lombardia, who books today when they find a place? –

Vaccini Lombardia, who books today when they find a place? –
Vaccini Lombardia, who books today when they find a place? –

That the Lombard anti-Covid campaign detaches that of the other Regions is said by a number above all, often not highlighted by official reports: the one that tells the percentage of coverage of the population with at least the first dose. Not considering, therefore, the audience of vaccinated persons (over 12), nor that of the adherents to the campaign, but that of the total inhabitants of a territory, an audience on which herd immunity is then calculated. That number places the Lombardy at the top of the other Regions: 64.5% of the population was vaccinated with the first dose. The second most virtuous region in this sense is Puglia, with 61.4%, the third is Lazio with 60.8%. The last in the standings, Sicily, is very distant, with 52.1% coverage.

Book the vaccine in Lombardy today

This premise is useful for asking the question: if a Lombard book now for the first dose will he find a place? And when? Net of some places available in the next two days but dedicated to lagging priority categories (such as teachers, to whom Lombardy made 120,000 places available from 17 to 21 July), the answer from 22 July, but for a few, very few, lucky ones. All the others are postponed to the end of August. The reason? The additional slots made available in the coming weeks have been sold out in the last few days, the second doses are the masters and there is a need to guarantee free slots to these and to those who decide to move the recall appointment. Of the 107,000 daily administrations that were given on average in the last week, only 12-13% were first doses. But let’s go in order.

The enlargement of the agendas

The context that of a Region which, having avoided the feared danger of a cut of 500 thousand doses in July, managed to obtain more from the national commissioner. In total from 14 July to 14 August 2,277,400 doses will have been delivered in Lombardy and this has led to the expected expansion of the agendas. The theme, in fact, as told on July 5 by Courier service, was that of not being able to further expand agendas that are now full before 23 August. The forecasts were around 100,000 scheduled doses per day until the end of July and just 50,000 from 27 July to 12 August, in both cases with a few thousand doses still available to collect new bookings. Thanks to the announcement of new supplies, the Region was able to guarantee new slots: another 6 thousand a day between 22 and 25 July and another 10 thousand a day between 26 July and 1 August (made available to Lombards between 20 and 59 years old). While for 12-19 year olds, 500,000 doses are available from 23 August, with the aim of covering the entire student population by the beginning of the teaching year, scheduled for 13 September.

30 thousand slots still available for first administrations

That is why those who book today find their first available spot on July 22nd. From today to August 13, the doses already planned are 1,725,785, of which 107,000 first doses. How many free slots for the first administrations are there still, considering the additional ones we talked about? From 22 July to 1 August just 30 thousand (108,291 first doses are already booked); from 2 August to Ferragosto about 100 per day, 200-300 per day after Ferragosto and until 22 August. From 23 August to 12 Septemberinstead, we start again with almost a million doses available for the first administrations: 908.703 (in addition to those already booked, which are 182 thousand). Why so few until August 22? Because the few still free are intended for second doses and for those who decide to postpone the recall appointment: overall the slots still available are 7 thousand a day from today to July 27, 12 thousand a day from July 28 to July 31, 3-4 thousand a day from August 1 to August 13. The slots made available thanks to the widening of the diaries have been taken by storm: you can see this from the graphs of the booking trend. From 13 July, when the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region made the announcement, bookings jumped to almost 18 thousand, and then to 21,778 on 14 July, from just 7,700 on 11 July, reaching a daily average in the last week of 16,761.

Inoculations in August

The campaign does not stop in the most classic month of holidays and even there in the first week of August there are about 70 thousand administrations per day (between first and second doses) already booked. The Lombards are also vaccinated a Mid-August: 20 thousand administrations are already planned on 14th, 7thousand on 15th, 24thousand on 16th. The first doses are always lower.

The timing of the second doses

As for the second dose, the booking portal offers it from day 21 for Pfizer vaccines and from day 28 for Moderna vaccine. The 42-day limit as the maximum booking date for the second dose remains unchanged.

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