Attention swimmers must avoid these 4 highly harmful mistakes

Attention swimmers must avoid these 4 highly harmful mistakes
Attention swimmers must avoid these 4 highly harmful mistakes

Exercising regularly is of great importance. To stay healthy and stay in shape, we must follow a healthy diet and exercise constantly.

However, running or going to the gym in the summer is more tiring than usual. However, this should not be the excuse to sit back and do nothing. Summer comes to meet us with the activities we can do in the water and therefore there are no excuses!

For those who love courses we have seen how many calories are consumed with an energetic and fun water aerobics lesson. On the other hand, those who prefer to do one lap after another and want to optimize their efforts can help “How much and in what style do we have to swim to burn more calories”.

However, those who swim must be very careful. Any sport, if not done correctly, can lead to some accident or injury.

Attention swimmers must avoid these 4 highly harmful mistakes

  1. Skip the heating

Before any sporting activity it is very important to warm up to activate the cardiovascular system. Those who do water aerobics can start with an alternate walk with high knee hops in the shallow water. Swimmers can do a few laps using the board starting at a moderate pace and then gradually increasing the speed.

  1. Raise your head excessively out of the water to look forward

It may be an instinctive gesture, but it’s a pretty big mistake. Doing so arches the curve of the spine and stiffens the neck muscles. To solve the defect just concentrate and try to observe the bottom.

  1. Keep the breath
    You don’t swim with your head out. Before learning to float or perfect styles, it is essential to learn to breathe well. The technique must be learned out of the pool. Take a good deep breath with your mouth open and then let all the air out of your nose very slowly.
  2. Maintain a slow and steady pace
    Always swimming at the same speed and intensity does not bring great results both for muscle strengthening and for “breath”. Better to include some variations such as increased stroke speed and changes in pace and pace.

Here are the most common problems: beware, those who swim must avoid these 4 highly harmful mistakes

Beginners can ask for the assistance and help of an instructor to learn everything perfectly!

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Attention swimmers avoid highly harmful mistakes

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