Cookery Rebibbia was born in Rome, a social inclusion project

Monday 19 July 2021 – 10:30 am

Cookery Rebibbia was born in Rome, a social inclusion project

Diner on the walls of the third district house

Rome, July 19 (askanews) – At via Cookery Rebibbia, the diner bar built outside the prison walls to allow the inmates of the Terza Rebibbia Prison to sell to the public the bakery and gastronomy products made inside the laboratory in the precinct.

An opportunity made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Penitentiary Management and the CR SpA Group which on 1 December last year, in full lockdown, allowed the reactivation of the factory and the selection of 7 prisoners of which 2 semi-free to be started. to the activity of baker At the center of the initiative is the social inclusion project Ricomincio da 3 #, to allow inmates to get back into the game by focusing on their strengths: personal skills, commitment, creativity and, above all, willingness to change .

Cookery Rebibbia is a taste boutique characterized by elegant spaces open to the public from Monday to Saturday, from eight in the morning to twenty in the evening, where anyone can go not only to buy bread or have a coffee, but also to find all those gastronomic refinements that are well suited to make the stop pleasant and inviting. A reality that is not really new, which began in 2013 but ran aground due to problems relating to the old management.

After a period of closure of the activity which took place in May 2019, the project is now reborn to expand the treatment offer of prisoners through work through the provision of the signing of an “act of adhesion” with which these people express their free but conscious participation in social rehabilitation.

It was enough to interpret and apply, in the sense conforming to the constitutional provision of art. 27, the will of the legislator, expressed as early as 1976 and renewed in 2000, where it provides that “the penitentiary work, both outside and inside the Institute, can be organized and managed by public and private companies in premises granted in loan for use by the management and that the relations between the management and the companies are defined by Conventions “.

After the start of a long selection procedure, Cookery Srl, of the CR SpA Group, has been identified, operating for more than 30 years in the large retail sector in the Lazio Region and at the center of development projects focused on inclusion, eco-sustainability , and social responsibility, with which an agreement was stipulated which envisages, among other things, to donate to the treatment activities, at the end of the year, 1% gross of VAT on the products sold in the shop. With a view to sustainability and social inclusion at 360 °, the important partnership between the CR Group and the Italian Red Cross has made it possible to activate the collection of unsold items for this shop as well, to be redistributed to needy families and people in difficulty.


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