Positive kids escaping quarantine: “They turn off their phones and lie to doctors”

Positive kids escaping quarantine: “They turn off their phones and lie to doctors”
Positive kids escaping quarantine: “They turn off their phones and lie to doctors”

There are 17 million Italians who have not yet received the Covid-19 vaccine. That is 31% of the over 12s for whom immunization is indicated. 27 million have received the two doses while 10 million have received the first dose and are awaiting the recall. 553,000 first doses were made between last Sunday and Saturday. But on July 16 the first doses were 87,000 and the recalls 486,000. Meanwhile, the Local Health Authorities denounce: «Many positive kids escape quarantine, they turn off their phones so as not to be found. Or they deny contact with the infected and do not tell the truth about who they attended. But in this way the outbreaks spread ».

Positive guys escaping quarantine

To bring back the alarm cry of the ASL is today the Republic, who tells the adventures of the doctors of the prevention department in tracking down infected young people: “Not only do they lie, but they also get annoyed – explains Fabio Vivaldi, director of Sisp Asl Roma 2 to the newspaper – they tell us that it is not our competence to know what they did . They treat us as if we were policemen, but ours is a health task and quarantine is not a “break” but the most important prevention tool, together with vaccines, we have ». The doctors’ stories report scenes, escapes, cell phones off and lies. Like those heard during the contact tracing after an evening in a bathing establishment in Ostia which today counts 21 cases: the positive boys said they drank an aperitif alone. Then someone gave in: “His friends had told him not to give their names – says Stefania Iannazzo, director of the Sisp (hygiene and public health service) of the ASL Roma 3 -. Especially with minors it is tough, parents are very protective. They are afraid that children will be treated as plagued by their peers. But in this way we end up doing even more damage ». Then there is the cluster of Santa Severa which developed into a bar during the final of Euro 2020 Italy-England: “We have intercepted 10, but only 2 are resident in our territory, the others are young people from Rome with second homes here – explain the ASL Roma trackers 4 – and as soon as they learned of the group’s first positives they fled to Rome, there are dozens of them ». And no one can understand who and where they are ».

The great escape of young people from contact tracing

Yet the newspapers are full of alarms. An outbreak of Euro 2020 is reported in Florence, with 3 positive people and 9 in quarantine following the Italy-England final in front of a large screen of an outdoor venue. The one in Rome in the Monteverde pub for the Azzurri’s match against Belgium in the quarterfinals is currently the largest in Italy with over 90 cases. In France, on the other hand, a group of 70 ski instructors from Friuli Venezia Giulia were stuck due to various positivity during a course. On the Greek island of Ios, in the group of 14 boys on vacation after high school graduation, there are those who reported that they had not had contact with the first girl found positive to return first to Italy. In the end, the seven who told the truth remained in quarantine. The others have left. Alessio D’Amato, councilor for health of the Lazio Region, speaks of “silence from quarantine”: “I believe that now, more than ever, maximum collaboration is needed, it is necessary to limit the damage and control the circulation of the virus, which is happening today especially in the youth bracket. Furthermore, if a person aware of being positive fails to declare the activities he has carried out in the previous days, he is committing a crime. I hope the youngsters realize this: contact tracing is used to curb the epidemic ».

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