Mauro Icardi has chosen, but there is a condition

Mauro Icardi back to being more than one option for the Juventus. The will of the Argentine of return to Serie A she has been known for days, especially after she was assured of being in Paris anything but untouchable. Indeed, the PSG told him quite openly that he was one of the expendable players of their own rose. Here’s why it is especially his entourage to be pressing for a transfer to Turin.

All the main Italian newspapers, not only sports (for example there is also the ‘Corriere di Torino’), agree that the choice by Icardi it’s done: wants Juventus. All those who look after his interests would be moving in this direction, from Gabriele Giuffrida a Wanda Nara. And this provides the Old Lady with a benefit on competition, but there is no shortage of knots to be solved.

As is known, Juventus it is not the only local possibility for Icardi. The interest of the Argentine is also strong renewed Rome of José Mourinho, but as suggested by the ‘Corriere dello Sport’ the priority of the player remains that black and white. Despite the obvious, more competition that the former Inter captain would find on the banks of the Po. And this is exactly what he represents one of the main slowdowns of the operation.

If in fact in the Capitoline project Icardi would have a decidedly central role, far from the discourse about a transfer to Juventus. And in fact in this moment the bianconeri I’m not in a position to say yes to the Argentine, based on what was confirmed by the ‘Corsport’.

In the current state of affairs Icardi would be just a luxury alternative in the chessboard available to Massimiliano Allegri. And in fact the only condition for its purchase appears the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo (which, not surprisingly, PSG is really interested in it). But if this operation were to go through, the feeling is that the environment would take it not with the same favor that was breathed in near yet very far 2019.

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Juventus Market: Mauro Icardi has chosen, but there is a condition

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Mauro Icardi chosen condition

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