“I saw it collapse in front of me” – Corriere.it

“I saw it collapse in front of me” – Corriere.it
“I saw it collapse in front of me” – Corriere.it
of Carlo Vulpio

The victim is a retiree, former director of a branch of the Banco di Napoli. Stopped a 31-year-old caught by the videos. An accomplice of the alleged murderer is sought

MONTERONI (Lecce) – I saw Giovanni collapse to the ground, I ran towards him, I tried to help him get up. But he was dead now. I did not believe it. And I still don’t believe it now, Anna Quarta, the wife of Giovanni Caramuscio, the victim of an absurd, surreal murder is desperate. Caramuscio, 69, retired, former director of the local branch of the Banco di Napoli, was murdered with two gunshots on Friday evening, shortly after 11 pm, in front of an ATM in Lequile while he was returning home with his wife, in the nearby Monteroni, after a festive dinner with friends and family.

The ambush at the ATM

At the exit of Lequile there are two banks, the Bcc di Leverano and the Banco di Napoli and Giovanni said to Anna: Let’s stop here for a moment, I’ll take some money. We’ll do it tomorrow, come on, Anna replied listlessly. But Giovanni insisted and even teased Anna a little while they both got out of the car: See, if you knew how to use the ATM, I wouldn’t have to do it all the time. Look, simple, you just have to press these numbers on the keys, the secret code … And if I were no longer here tomorrow, how would you do it, huh ?. Anna shrugs off: Okay, one more time, and in the meantime she waited next to the car for her husband to withdraw the cash.


Then, as can also be seen from the images of the surveillance cameras in that area, the attack on Giovanni, behind him, by two men, one of whom of the same physical size as the former bank manager, both with their faces covered from common anti Covid masks. Giovanni Caramuscio instinctively reacted and pushed the one of the two bandits who had tried to immobilize him, holding him by the neck with the grip of his right arm, but the reaction was fatal. One of the two attackers was armed – he was carrying a short 9-caliber pistol – and he unloaded five bullets at him, three of which went blank and two in the chest. Sudden and dramatic end after a nice evening with his wife. And so those joking phrases from a few minutes earlier turn into Anna’s desperate scream.

The escape

The two bandits run away, someone calls 112, the carabinieri arrive, an ambulance, then also the mayor of Monteroni, Mariolina Pizzuto, who also Anna’s cousin and delicately tried to encourage her all day Saturday, while Anna she repeated the same phrases incredulously: The ATM … The two attackers … You shoot him … Giovanni on the ground … But I didn’t think he was dead, that they had killed him there, in front of me.

One stopped

The first investigations were very rapid and led to the discovery of the murder weapon: it was hidden in a vase in the home of the alleged murderer, who lives in a council flat not far from the two banks. The pistol’s serial number was abraded, but the investigators, through other clues, the testimonies of some patrons of the nearby Bataclan pizza bar, the images of the surveillance cameras and the story of Anna have put together enough elements to stop a 31-year-old Albanian, Mecaj Paulin, who is now accused of murder aggravated by robbery, receiving stolen goods and illegal possession of a firearm.

The accomplice

Unknown, but probably still briefly, the accomplice of the alleged murderer. Mecaj Paulin would also have tried to get rid of the clothes he was wearing at the time of the crime by throwing them into a well, but the cameras would have filmed him pulling the trigger like a possessed, as if he were in the grip of a state of drug alteration. The mayor Pizzuto will proclaim the city mourning after the autopsy, scheduled for next Tuesday. Giovanni’s three children – Roberta, Stefano and Fabio – don’t know how to console each other and how to console Anna, who repeats over and over: Not possible. I do not believe it.

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