the unrestricted UK is a danger to the world

the unrestricted UK is a danger to the world
the unrestricted UK is a danger to the world

Here we are: the UK stands to eliminate all measure of restriction against the Covid with an irreversible decision that scares the world.

Why are health experts globally sounding the alarm? In a crucial moment for the spread of Delta variant and with more unknowns than certainties on the course of the summer, the choice of Johnson to go back to normal causes discussion.

And it worries, since i contagion per day in the UK has risen to over 50,000. What the world must fear on the front Covid pandemic?

United Kingdom: via Covid restrictions, what to know

World health experts have condemned the lifting of most of the anti-Covid restrictions which will take effect in the UK on 19 July as “A threat to the world”.

The nation now has the third highest number of cases of any country in the world – only Indonesia and Brazil have more – and some scientists fear it may become a breeding ground for new variants of the virus.

Ministers warned that daily cases could soon reach 100.000 and in recent days they have shown signs of nervousness as July 19 approaches, described by the newspapers as “Freedom day”.

Specifically, on Monday the discos will reopen and the limits to gatherings will cease and people will no longer be required by law to wear masks in crowded places.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer, argued that it is better to suffer a wave of Covid in the summer – when health systems are less under pressure and schools are closed – rather than in the winter.

Johnson, who has come under heavy pressure from Tory lawmakers to end Covid restrictions, also believes the “Defensive wall” of the country will be strengthened over the summer, with more people being vaccinated and people infected, especially young people, developing antibodies.

The risk is that the courageous decision of the United Kingdom could have consequences for the whole world, also mindful of what happened with the rapid spread of the Delta variant from the English nation. The latter had been the fastest to vaccinate, but then the – questionable – choice of extending the time of the second dose she showed herself as a boomerang.

What do the experts fear now?

Why the UK threatens the world

Scientists from around the world have criticized the UK government’s plans.

Gathered at a virtual summit on Friday, leading health and science experts and government consultants warned that Britain was heading for disaster by removing most of its restrictions.

The event came after more than 1,200 scientists endorsed a letter in the Lancet medical journal, in which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans were laid out. “Dangerous and premature”.

For what reason? Christina Pagel, Director of the Clinical Operations Research Unit at UCL in London, gave an exhaustive answer:

“Any mutation that can best infect the vaccinated people has a great selection advantage and can spread. And because of our position of global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the UK is likely to spread to the rest of the world – we’ve seen that with Alpha and I’m absolutely sure we’ve contributed to the rise of the Delta strain through Europe e North America

A clear warning, therefore, to the UK and to the rest of the world. It should also be added that the levels of vaccination they are not at all homogeneous between countries. Summer promises to be hot again on the pandemic front.

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