This is how the houses are distributed in Lazio

This is how the houses are distributed in Lazio
This is how the houses are distributed in Lazio

It is controversial after the decision of the Lazio region to sell the property in via Maria Adelaide, illegally occupied for 16 years, to the Ater in Rome, as long as the local public housing company finds accommodation for all the squatters.

There are many Roman citizens waiting to regularly climb the rankings and receive a council house, yet Nicola Zingaretti surprises everyone, making sure that the irregular inhabitants of the building located near pizza del Popolo are guaranteed a new accommodation. Not only. In addition to this sort of amnesty, which came with the resolution of last July 13, there would be no administrative sanction for abusive.

A real joke against the citizens, as reported by the Northern League councilor in the Lazio Region Laura Corrotti. “With the excuse of freeing the property, the Region gives further social housing to the squatters, damaging those who have been waiting for a public house for years, in favor of those who live illegally“, attacked the representative of the Carroccio.

Aid to the squatters

The question of the property in via Maria Adelaide is certainly not the only one that has seen Zinga and her junta protagonists. According to reports from The weather, there are many amendments also presented by the majority in the attached budget that would concern abusive occupations: out of 42 articles, 400 proposals for amendments, 150 of which advanced by the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement.

Just to give an example, amendment 285 would propose not to charge the administrative sanction provided by law for those who have illegally occupied an Ater house and then enjoyed the amnesty approved last 2020. Then there is amendment 381, which would allow those who have illegally occupied a house to participate in the Ater tenders for the assignment of a house, once at least 5 years have passed. Amendment 264 would ask to exempt private homes that deal with semi-autonomous programs from the authorizations that are required by law for other residential and semi-residential buildings.

In short, the linked to the budget presented to the regional council would seriously risk becoming an accumulation of rules of different nature and necessity, a sort of Legge all. Other than a measure aimed at guaranteeing the economic development and growth of the territory. Among the proposed changes, also number 253, which asks for the transformation of public assistance and charitable institutions (Ipab) into associations or private foundations, and number 264, which speaks of training courses in dog rehabilitation.

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