in 221 thousand without a dose

in 221 thousand without a dose
in 221 thousand without a dose

The vaccine, a school, as a cure to ensure the face-to-face lessons. The technical-scientific committee, consulted by the Ministry of Education, is finalizing the rules for the resumption of the school in September. We go back to talking about spacing, which today remains necessary, and the mask which must be strictly surgical indoors. But the Cts also hypothesizes the introduction of the green pass for school staff, for example in canteens, where it is legally possible, and the need for legislative intervention to complete the vaccination campaign between teachers and the entire school staff, from janitors to secretarial staff up to managers.
That part of the school staff not yet vaccinated scares the school system: this is 15.5% at the national level, that is 221 thousand people, who have not yet had even a dose. 85% received the first dose and only 78.2% also received the second. With even more worrying percentages at regional level, such as in Sicily and Sardinia.

Vaccines to professors and the case of adolescents

The teachers therefore fall into the priority categories for the vaccine and the CTS believes that children aged 12 and over, for whom the administration of Pfizer has been approved, should also be included. In fact, among adolescents, always at a national level, vaccination does not take off as it should or in any case it will not be completed by mid-September. Both health and teaching continuity are at risk, having to start quarantining classes again as happened last autumn, from which in a few weeks we switched to 100% remote teaching for all high schools.

Yellow regions, Lopalco: «Close everything? This time there is no use, there is no wave like in England “

On the dad the CTS was clear: for September it is “absolutely necessary” to give priority to teaching in the presence, to ensure the preparation of the children but also for the psychological aspect. Believing that vaccination among school staff is essential, he asks the government to launch ad hoc measures recommending every effort to achieve a high vaccination coverage of teachers and non-teachers, both by promoting information campaigns and by identifying appropriate measures, including legislative ones, to guarantee the highest threshold of vaccinated people. We then go back to discussing the vaccination obligation for schools and on this point the National Agency for Regional Health Services also agrees: “Personally, Enrico Coscioni, president of Agenas stressed – I would be for the mandatory vaccine regarding to some categories in addition to health care, such as those in the world of school or public employment, in particular when one has obligatory relationships with the public. Having the greatest possible coverage would be a way to heal that 20% of those over 60 who have not yet been vaccinated. Different solutions are only palliative. The more the virus circulates, the more it can mutate. If we do not create optimal conditions to prevent its circulation, we will not be able to rest assured ».

The Green pass will be in stages, at the beginning excluding restaurants. Possible close in August

The reference goes to those Regions which, even today, continue to record levels decidedly below the national average. “The vaccination campaign continues with priority to school staff, explained the education minister, Patrizio Bianchi, it is important that every effort is made to achieve the highest possible coverage. The commitment to safety at school is testified by the resources allocated in recent government measures: 1,680 billion in total for returning to safety in September ».

Young and no vax, here are the new positives in Italy

Among the innovations that could be introduced in September, there is the return to the traditional canteen: it will no longer be necessary to deliver meals with disposable portions but with the canteen service in the old way. The canteen premises should have specific hand washing points at the entrance and exit.


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