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Olesya Rostova is Denise Pipitone? Russian TV keeps the DNA data a secret: only today will it reveal the outcome

Olesya Rostova is Denise Pipitone? Russian TV keeps the DNA data a secret: only today will it reveal the outcome
Olesya Rostova is Denise Pipitone? Russian TV keeps the DNA data a secret: only today will it reveal the outcome

Denise Pipitone’s thriller has no end. The expectation is growing, but also the certainty that Russian TV holds in its grip, exploiting it for the audience, the case of Olesya Rostova, the girl looking for parents. The broadcaster does not want to make public the results of the blood group and DNA tests on which it hangs the hope of Piera Maggio, Denise Pipitone’s mother disappeared in September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo, who just wants an answer to the question: is that girl your daughter?

Yesterday Tv1 recorded the episode of “Let them talk”, which will air today and wants to raise the suspense by asking all the participants, including other women from Eastern Europe who are looking for their daughter, to keep the secret about what is to come revealed in the course of the broadcast. After shouting on Monday that it is not possible to accept blackmail from the broadcaster, Piera Maggio’s lawyer, Giacomo Frazzitta, said that he had received an email from the lawyer of Olesya, but that he could not say anything because he must respect the embargo. .

“The lawyer confirms his willingness to cooperate with us and accepts the request to provide us with the results of the scientific tests on the girl before today’s connection – said Frazzitta -. At this point we will participate in the recording of the program with Russian TV that will be sent. airing tomorrow (today, Wednesday)”.

The lawyer added that the results of the examinations will be “immediately communicated to the Marsala Public Prosecutor” which investigates the case. Piera Maggio does not speak. He makes his voice heard with a few posts on the Facebook pages saying to himself, together with Denise’s natural father, Piero Pulizzi, “cautiously hopeful. The hope of finding and hugging our daughter has never failed. We wait without deluding ourselves,” he says.
17 years after his disappearance, after countless reports, a trial (Denise’s half-sister accused of the kidnapping was acquitted while the crime of aiding and abetting for her boyfriend was prescribed), the statements of an alleged repentant who also spoke with several details of the murder of the little girl, Denise’s story still keeps everyone in suspense and splits public opinion with this last story: there are those who say that the young Russian has little or nothing of Denise and her mother and those who instead notice similarities.

The mayor of Mazara at the time, Giorgio Macaddino, said: “Our hope is that Olesya is really Denise and so we can heal that wound that opened 17 years ago and never closed”.

“I still remember those dark and indelible moments for the entire Mazara community – said Macaddino – which marked a deep wound in my heart”. In the Municipality, precisely in those early days of September 2004, a meeting took place between the investigators of the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office (led by the prosecutor Antonino Silvio Sciuto), the former prefect of Trapani Giovanni Finazzo and the leaders of the police who were looking for the territory the little disappearance. “In these long years there has remained a great doubt about how Denise disappeared. Those who knew and kept silent, I think they will never find anyone’s forgiveness”, concluded Macaddino.

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