“Metal noises in the wheels, and the drinks…” – OA Sport

A story that has just begun and that will surely continue for a long time. Three days ago the sensational surprise check, immediately after the arrival of the seventeenth stage of the Tour de France 2021, at Bahrain-Victorious by the French gendarmerie. The words of Matej Mohoric, winner of yesterday’s stage, were clear: “They treated us like criminals. From our point of view it is a good thing because it means that the controls are there. They found nothing because we have nothing to hide ”.

However, the wave of controversy continued. Today, from the pages of the Swiss newspaper “Time”, new rumors arrive. Three runners, deliberately left anonymous, revealed that they noticed strange movements in the group.

The first accusation is that of having heard “Strange metallic noises” from the wheels of some bicycles, including those of Bahrain-Victorious, the team most affected. In detail: “It’s a metallic noise, like a badly adjusted chain. It is no longer a motor in the connecting rods or an electromagnetic system in the rims, but a hidden device in the hub. Power through the brakes. The inertia is stored as in F1 ”.

Another runner instead focused on some very suspicious drinks: “Those who drank them told us they didn’t know what they were drinking.”

Photo: Lapresse

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