Green Pass Italy mandatory in restaurants? The chefs speak

Green Pass Italy mandatory in restaurants? The chefs speak
Green Pass Italy mandatory in restaurants? The chefs speak

Green Pass mandatory in Italy to enter restaurants? The majority of chefs do not say no, as long as this can serve to avoid another increase in coronavirus infections and, therefore, to avert further closures. The measure has already been adopted in France, while here it is just a hypothesis among many that could end up on the government table.

Bowerman: “That’s right”

The green pass to access a restaurant, on the French model, is frowned upon by Cristina Bowerman, starred chef and owner of a restaurant in Rome. “That’s right, I’ve always been in favor because I have to protect customers and employees”, she replies with conviction, when asked by Adnkronos. “My customers want to feel protected and so do I, because an unvaccinated person can infect an immunodeficient person. However – he explains – in my restaurant we already take the temperature at the entrance and ask for a document of the people who enter. With me it is like this, so I am very much in favor of the green pass “.

“As for the operation of the measure – suggests Bowerman – you can put a scanner as it happens when you take a plane or at the station, if it is green you pass. Logistics can never be an obstacle to the defense of a greater principle” .

“Even if I do not know that there have been outbreaks in restaurants, – adds the chef – if there had been, all the actions taken towards the restaurant world would have been justified”. “I am well prepared to take precautions, I have half the seats as before and I am very happy to do so when I feel protected, but – she remarks – I am not happy that as soon as I step out of my restaurant (a Trastevere) I find a crowd without masks and without controls. If you say ‘no gatherings’ and then put on the big screen as in Piazza del Popolo, what do you want to happen? “, Concludes Bowerman.

Oldani: “With green pass more protection for those who do not vaccinate”

Also according to Davide Oldani, the green pass to go to restaurants, bars and other places of sociality “is a trajectory that the government must decide and what it decides will be fine. If I have to say mine, they are to protect people”. For the starred chef, who has his restaurant in Cornaredo in the province of Milan, “the vaccine, to date, numbers in hand, has helped all of us so the green pass can give a further boost to vaccinating people who they haven’t done so yet. “

And so “if on the one hand we would lose a slice of people who do not get the vaccine – he explains – on the other hand, we would protect the same people who do not get the vaccine, the only ones or almost the only ones who can be infected”.

So for Oldani “if one day you cannot let in those who have not had the vaccine, or those who have not had a swab or have not already been infected by covid, the green pass would serve to protect those who do not do these things because they could be infected by potential carriers “.

Vissani: “Madness, but if it serves to avoid closures …”

Less enthusiastic Gianfranco Vissani and his son Luca, who respond in unison: “The green pass to access the restaurant is madness, but if it should be the only way to avoid the closures of the premises, let it be a green pass”. Conversing with Adnkronos while they are in full swing of work that sees them busy from Wednesday to Sunday in their estate in Baschi, in the province of Terni, they express all their amazement at the management of the government in these two years and on the “myopia of choices. policies towards entrepreneurs, workers and minimum pensions “.

Column: “It’s a way to have more scientific control”

The green pass in restaurants is instead a necessary measure for Antonello Colonna: “I am a man who loves the rules and never as in this moment when everything is restarting I am in favor of the green pass, because it is a way to have a more scientific control on Covid “, he says. According to the chef of the Open Colonna in Milan and the Colonna Resort in Labico,” freedom is a right that can only exist if it does not affect the freedom of others. Therefore – he stresses – to enjoy it you cannot take it away from others with behaviors that can jeopardize their health or life “.

For Colonna, “the green pass is a document to be considered in the same way as an identity card or passport, which is also normally requested when you go to a hotel. And I trust that my customers will gladly show this certificate to us restaurateurs, who for the first time can be useful to the community, also because it is clear that this certificate will push many to decide to get vaccinated. It is a way of protecting the country since we will have to live with the virus for a long time ”.

Rubio: “And they lived registered and happy”

Finally, the judgment of chef Rubio is tranchant, who writes on Twitter about the hypothesis of a compulsory green pass: “And they lived registered and happy”. “I believe that the vaccine as well as the tampons must be free in a democratic state that squanders public money in bullshit – good Rubio – and which protects the few by pretending to magically take an interest in citizens. The green pass is unconstitutional, undemocratic, and tending to ‘ apartheid “.

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