beloved character is in danger of dying

The advances of Beautiful create a lot of suspense for one of the most beloved characters who risks dying following an accident

Beautiful advances

The advances of Beautiful from Monday 19th to Saturday 24th July they announce a terrible twist in the American soap opera. Steffy I will have a very serious motorcycle accident that will knock her unconscious: the car she collided with is that of Bill, the daughter of Ridge she is taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and goes into a coma.

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Starting at 13:40 on Channel 5, as usual, we will also see Katie who can’t make up her mind about the kiss she saw between Bill and Brooke: the disappointment on the part of her sister and her husband is too great. In this regard, she is supported by Donna who tries to make her find a meeting point with the two.

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Beautiful advances, what happens with Sally, Flo and Dr. Escobar

Sally Spectra (@Twitter)

That of Sally it is no longer a secret, the Dr. Escobar e Flo I am now aware of it. There Spectra he does not give up and does not accept that his secret has come to light, therefore it strikes Flo to the head and kidnaps her: he wants to return at all costs with Wyatt, even if it meant sacrificing a life.

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Despite the Dr. Escobar try to reason Sally, the latter awaits the awakening of Flo to reveal his plan: he wants to seduce Wyatt and get pregnant. While the doctor asks the Spectra to self-report, Flo he takes advantage of it to hit her: in the clash Sally falls and hits his head.


beloved character danger dying

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