Covid, risk of “more dangerous” variants: the WHO alarm

Covid, risk of “more dangerous” variants: the WHO alarm
Covid, risk of “more dangerous” variants: the WHO alarm

There is the Delta variant to remind the world how the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, making governments who thought they had finally won over the coronavirus run for cover. But as if that were not enough, the WHO arrives to clarify that the new and increasingly widespread strain, instead of Alfa, may not be the last and that Sars-CoV-2 could evolve into a more dangerous form.

Covid, risk of “more dangerous” variants: the concern of WHO experts

Experts from the Emergency Committee, convened for the eighth time in Geneva by the World Health Organization under the International Health Regulations (Ihr), warned that the pandemic “is by no means over. Keep evolving, with 4 variants of concern dominating global epidemiology“And this” despite national, regional and global efforts. “

According to the scientists there would in fact be an “fThere is a high probability that new and perhaps more dangerous variants will emerge that could be even more difficult to control ”.

In the fight against the pandemic “governments are making increasingly divergent decisions aimed at addressing narrow national needs”, and this “n inhibits a harmonized approach to the global response“, Is the warning of the members of the Committee.

In fact, during the meeting the core of the problem was addressed, observing how “regional and economic differences are influencing access to vaccines, therapies and diagnostics. Countries with advanced access to vaccines and well-resourced health systems are under pressure to fully reopen their societies. “

Countries with limited access to vaccines are experiencing new waves of infections, facing a decline in public confidence and growing resistance “to anti-contagion measures and restrictions,” growing economic difficulties and, in some cases, growing social unrest “was the analysis of the experts.

Covid, Ricciardi: “Delta variant pierces the double dose”

In addition to any development of new variants, the current danger is represented by the Delta variant which in Italy is also raising the contagion curve, although at the moment it is not causing an increase in hospitalizations.

Despite the EMA’s reassurance on double-dose protection, the consultant to the Minister of Health, Walter Ricciardi, the Italian representative at the WHO from 2017 to 2020, expressed strong doubts.

According to the professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University, the Delta variant “it even breaks the double vaccination cycle“, Even if” it confers a certain protection against serious illness and hospitalization “but” in 30-35% of cases it causes infection even in subjects who have received the second dose of vaccine, let alone one “.

But for Riccardi the vaccine remains the only real weapon against Covid-19 because “the more we hesitate the more we leave the possibility to the virus to select variants that not only pierce the vaccine for infection but also pierce it for protection. Right now we are looking very cautiously at the Delta Plus variant in India and a Lambda variant, which has been isolated in Peru and which worries us a lot. “

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