Holidays in Rome: how to organize your trip

Holidays in Rome: how to organize your trip
Holidays in Rome: how to organize your trip

Whether it is a weekend, a week, a few days or a longer period of time; organize your holidays in Rome it is a dream for many enthusiasts and lovers of the Eternal City. To make this dream come true, we have prepared a sort of vademecum, guidelines, to better organize your holidays in Rome. Holidays can be alone, with a friends’ group, with family and children or with the your partner and in all cases it is essential to organize travel, accommodation and the choice of things to do and see. But let’s go in order.

The type of vacation

It is not enough Get to Rome to be on vacation, especially if you are not alone and you have to organize the various movements. For this reason it is possible to evaluate the choice of a tourist package that allows you to visit Rome and solve all the organizational aspects. Choosing an organized trip to Rome is one very convenient choice for families and large groups, who can thus have a detailed daily program of the various things to see and do.

Different speech for a couple who want to treat themselves to a romantic trip, a group of friends or someone who loves to move alone. In this case it is possible leave room for improvisation, therefore giving up a defined program, or deciding independently what to see and where to go, organizing reservations and purchasing tickets.

Measures against Covid

In all cases it is essential to inform yourself first about the anti Covid rules that every traveler entering the eternal city must know. Rules that can change during the summer weeks (also in relation to the increase or decrease of infections) and that they can condition the movements e the accesses to the various sites of interest. It is therefore good to inform yourself and organize accordingly.

How to organize a perfect holiday in Rome

The accommodation

The first thing to decide to organize your holidays in Rome is the choice of accommodation. Not so much as a structure (hotel, B&B, room for rent, etc.) but above all in the area of ​​the city. This is a decisive choice both because the cost of the trip to Rome changes and because it determines organizational differences. If you already know what to visit, accommodation close to those points of interest and which allows you to reach them easily is undoubtedly preferable. If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend less or also get to know the outlying areas and neighborhoods of the city, you can move away from Old Town and find a series of interesting offers to organize your trip to Rome.

Once you have chosen the area you can choose the accommodation based on type of vacation that you want to organize and experience. So it is important to get to know, before arriving, the public means of transport that can be used, the various timetables and, especially for tourists who come from abroad, the routes and the various connections, so as not to waste time when he must reach a goal.

The arrival

Having chosen and booked the accommodation and the period of stay, it is time to think about it how to get to Rome. If those coming from abroad are “obliged” to use the plane, tourists from other Italian regions have several options of choice. Rome has two airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino, both located outside the city. Once landed to get anywhere in Rome you have to take the train, the pullman, the taxi ol’NCC. The national railway network includes two stations in Rome: that of Roma Termini and that of Roma Tiburtina, both equipped with the homonymous underground station that allows you to easily reach the other interchange poles or the various individual destinations.

There are also several bus lines that allow you to reach Rome from various points of Italy. The Marozzi and Moretti companies, for example, connect Rome with the regions south of the city, while the Baltour and Flixbus companies connect with the regions to the north.

It is also possible to evaluate theI arrive with my own car, considering the greater freedom of movement during the holidays in Rome. in these cases it is necessary to inquire about the presence of the parking at the reserved accommodation (otherwise inquire about the nearby car parks) and the costs associated with a choice of this type.

Things to see

What to do on your own holidays in Rome? Having booked the accommodation and decided when to arrive (and when to leave), it is time to understand how to experience these holidays. There is certainly no shortage of alternatives and Rome offers atruly complete and varied tourist offer.

From amusement parks for families, to beaches where you can go to the sea, obviously without giving up all the museums, typical monuments and characteristic places of the city that make Rome unique in its kind. Strolling through the streets of Rome even without having a destination is always a pleasure to not give up for breathe the eternal beauty of this city. Finally, in addition to the things to see or do during your holidays in Rome, why not take the opportunity to go to one of the typical restaurants and trattorias of the city where you can also discover the great beauty of the local gastronomy?

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