“There is a body in the pool”: yellow about the death of a 37-year-old

“There is a body in the pool”: yellow about the death of a 37-year-old
“There is a body in the pool”: yellow about the death of a 37-year-old

Dressed only in briefs and with a deep abrasion on the side. The death of Marco Bernardini, 37, found is a real mystery dead body in pool of the Firenze hotel, in via Flacco, in Abano Terme. Pending the autopsy, scheduled for Friday 16 July, investigators are wondering about the causes of death: suicide or accidental death?

The hypotheses on death

Marco may have chosen to end it or not: it was a misfortune resulting from a state of alteration. At the moment, there are two hypotheses being examined by the Carabinieri of Abano Terme who have few elements available to find the squaring of the circle.

The 37-year-old’s parents favor the second chance: “Marco was enthusiastic about life, it is impossible that he killed himself. – Father Alfredo tells Corriere della Sera – I don’t know what happened at that moment. We didn’t hear him very much because he worked so much, even too much. I told him to slow down, we heard it on WhatsApp on Friday afternoon, a quick, normal greeting, like so many other times. Then, silence. I can’t give myself an explanation, my son didn’t take drugs, we can’t find reason for this tragedy “.

The last hours of life

To try to understand what may have happened to Marco, we need to take a step back in time. It all starts last Friday night. A witness – whose personal details are not known for privacy reasons – he claims to have seen the 37-year-old wandering around the hotel in “state of alteration“: he would have uttered nonsense phrases very loudly. After that, he would have broken into the hotel that had been closed for over a year and now auctioned for bankruptcy.

Later, someone would hear a thud, “a very loud sound“- tell the residents – come from the structure. At that point, the carabinieri were alerted who, however, searching only the outside of the premises, did not notice anything strange and left.

Two days later, Marco’s parents report the disappearance of their son to the Arma soldiers. A few pass and it turns out that, the night before his death, the 37-year-old slept in another hotel in Abano Terme only to decide to move to Florence. Why?

The yellow of the wound

There is another element that does not return in the reconstruction of the yellow. When the young man’s corpse, dressed in the suns slip, was extracted from the pool – the caretaker of the structure gave the alarm – it had a deep abrasion on the side. Investigators, supported by the coroner’s first observations, believe he may have lost his balance by accidentally falling into the water. This would explain the presence of the wound to the body: perhaps, it hit the edge of the filled tank for just over a meter deep. But then, why was he naked? A puzzle that will probably only clarify the autopsy.

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