Holland, outbreak of 1,000 positives at the festival: they were all vaccinated or with a negative swab

Rome, July 15 – An outbreak of approx one thousand coronavirus positives it erupted during a music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The event, which was held on 3 and 4 July, saw the presence of about 20 thousand spectators. According to the online newspaper NlTimes, “At least 448 people would have been infected on the first day of the party, while the second day the positives were 516”.


Holland, maxi outbreak of 1,000 infected at the music festival

This despite the fact that the organization had scrupulously followed every sanitary protocol, including the creation of time slots to prevent gatherings. And most importantly, despite the participants they were obliged to show, at the entrance of the festival, a sort of Green pass with QR code certifying the vaccination, or, alternatively, the negative outcome of a coronavirus swab. All those who had recently had the disease could also access the event. The organizers said they were shocked by the huge outbreak that broke out in what should have been a “safe, meticulously controlled event”. Something, it is evident, did not work as expected.

The uselessness of Green passes and the like

The proposals for further crackdowns and limitations of freedoms and access to activities and services for the unvaccinated therefore appear surreal, considering that, as this case demonstrates, the vaccinated themselves are subject to contagion and to be able to infect. To some extent, the emphasis on extending the Green pass to an even wider range of activities – such as bars, restaurants, trains, concerts, cinemas and so on – seems more like it. a grotesque attempt to hide the inefficiencies of the public machine.

On the other hand, no later than the end of April, the Italian commissioner structure that deals with vaccinations estimated that by the autumn more than 80% of the population would be vaccinated: an estimate that alone would make any need for a French Green pass. And the episode of the outbreak of a thousand people at the festival, certainly not an isolated case since others are recording it, seems to confirm this uselessness even more clearly.


Holland outbreak positives festival vaccinated negative swab

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