Variant Delta, Ricciardi: “Block flights from Gb”

Variant Delta, Ricciardi: “Block flights from Gb”
Variant Delta, Ricciardi: “Block flights from Gb”

Blocking flights from Great Britain. It is the measure to be taken to stem the spread of the coronavirus and in particular the Delta variant. This is the opinion of Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “The virus is very insidious, deceptive: on Monday there are 10 cases and Saturday there are 1000. Great Britain is recklessly opening the doors to the virus, in a week the cases have tripled. From 50,000 to 100,000, 150,000. Tomorrow some scientists will ask the British government to go back “with respect to the decision that provides for the elimination of all restrictions starting from 19 July, Ricciardi told In Onda on La7.

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“People are moving from London and Great Britain. Blocking flights? No ifs and buts. I recommended it to Minister Speranza, who is very attentive. Great Britain is completely out of control, some countries are thinking. internal measures, but the circulation between countries must be limited. Flights arrive every day from London, it is a country that must be blocked. Great Britain has allowed the Indian variant to enter Europe, has kept flights with India open for two weeks ” he adds.

“The Delta variant has compromised protection against infection a bit. At this time, vaccines protect 75% from infection but protect against serious disease. If we do circulate the virus, variants are being prepared that can put us at risk. “linked to less effective protection. “The pandemic will last for months, if not years. If we do not give vaccines to Africa, the pandemic will last until 2024. This phase will last another year in Italy and another 3 years in the world. We will not eradicate this virus but we must reduce it to minimum terms “, he reiterates. “It is not the time to move around the world, especially outside the European Union there is the risk of getting stuck”, says Ricciardi. Is there a risk of a new lockdown in Italy? “I believe it will never happen again, thanks to vaccines” –


Variant Delta Ricciardi Block flights

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