Reopening of schools, Bianchi: “We are for the school in the presence. Important vaccination plan. Funds for covid personnel and transport” [VIDEO]

“As a ministry we are for school in attendance, during the second pandemic wave we kept primary students in school and minimized DAD. The Invalsi data show us that this constant insistence on presence was right and we are working towards this ”. This was stated by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi during the Question time of July 15 in the Senate.

However, I remember that in the bis support the schools will have 350 million for intervention measures for specific environments safety and 60 million for equality. Other funds to local authorities to create new spaces for teaching“, Continues Bianchi.

For local authorities, another 70 million was allocated for the rental of premises and the rental of temporary structures to increase – explains Bianchi – the number of spaces dedicated to teaching“.

Also in the “Support bis we requested additional resources regarding temporary assignments for ATA staff and teaching staff. We all wish we were at the end of this long tunnel, but we must prepare ourselves, we are doing it and we have done it“.

Furthermore, the Minister who “with the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Ministry of the Interior, in the “Sostegni bis” we allocated 450 million to enhance the additional school transport services and provided for the possibility for the Regional School Offices to directly stipulate agreements with economic operators operating the transport service . Schools will also be able to access a 50 million euro fund intended to finance home-school-home travel plans for school staff and students. On this, that fundamental tool which are the prefectural tables remains active“.

On vaccines he said: “Vaccination plan plays an important role. For the teaching staff we are close to 80%. As for exceeding these vaccination thresholds, I obviously appeal for all children to be vaccinated. It is an appeal that I am making. And these are also the considerations that we asked the CTS, from which we are awaiting the definitive act, but this is the way in which we are dealing with this situation.“, Concludes Bianchi.


(3-02710) (July 14, 2021)

ROMEO, SAPONARA, PITTONI, ALESSANDRINI, PILGRIMS Emanuele – To the Minister of Education – Given that:

the year 2021/2022 will be the third school year of the COVID-19 pandemic and in view of the reopening of schools it is of fundamental importance to ensure that all students of all levels can have lessons in the presence and in safety;

In the latest measures passed, the Government has allocated resources for safety in schools, but it is not yet clear how it intends to tackle all those unresolved issues to try to guarantee it, such as: the tracing of infections, public transport, ventilation of the premises;

the technical scientific committee (CTS) expressed fears about the return to class in September 2021, given the resurgence of the virus with the “Delta” variant, therefore once again the issue of monitoring and tracing the virus takes on particular importance. After a year, since, close to the reopening of schools, there was talk of tampons, transport, programming of the DAD, especially for high school students, the situation does not seem to have changed much. Salivary swabs, for example, ideal especially for the little ones, given their scarce invasiveness, were authorized after a long waiting phase, but then the local administrations proceeded in random order without precise indications, also regarding their necessary gratuity;

about 40 days after the start of the schools, nothing is still known about the public transport plan: what will be the maximum capacity, if there will be time slots and if they will be strengthened;

then with regard to the sanitation of the environments, the mere indication to open the windows does not offer adequate guarantees, while today technology offers cutting-edge solutions for air sanitization; there are also avant-garde ventilation systems, which do not filter the air present in the rooms and then put it back into circulation, but which expel it by taking it clean from the outside, without ever mixing the outgoing air with the incoming one, whose temperature and humidity are kept at optimal levels;

in the last few days they have been circulating on media alarming news about the Government’s intention to allow only vaccinated students to attend school; this, in addition to being clearly unconstitutional, because it is detrimental to the right to study, would substantially discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated students, an aspect that must be avoided;

to date the question of side effects is not yet sufficiently clarified. In particular, i test Phase 2 of Pfizer-Biontech involved just over 2,000 children, a very small sample in order to accurately determine rare or late side effects,

he asked to know if the Minister in address is preparing the plan for the restart of schools in safety, with particular attention to the tracing of infections, to the enhancement of public transport and to the protection of air quality, to implement a real preventive action of the infection in schools and when it intends to communicate it to Parliament, given the approach of the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year.


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