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“They are wrong, but the person is missing” -

“It’s my freest film” –

“It’s my freest film” –
“It’s my freest film” –

I realized it was the last chance to come to terms with something that had been obscured, hidden. Letizia, Pier Giorgio, Maria Luisa, Alberto and I, Marco, the surviving Bellocchio brothers and sisters organized a lunch at the Union club whose father was one of the founders. I was not interested in making a nostalgic or generic work on the family. We immediately identified the protagonist, an absentee, my brother Camillo. The twin who committed suicide on December 27, 1968 at the age of 29, is mentioned several times, directly and indirectly, in the course of his filmography. Marco Bellocchio takes to Cannes Marx can wait(already in the hall with 01) and the festival reserves him a double celebration: a Rendez vous welcomed with cheering from the stadium (Exaggerated!) and the Palm of honor which he will receive from Paolo Sorrentino during the closing ceremony.

I throb at the idea of ​​the public screening here, unimaginable for our little film – produced by Kavac, Ibc, Tenderstories with Raicinema, editing by Francesca Calvelli and music by Ezio Bosso -. The Palm? I’m happy. It does not repay me for anything, I have always had great satisfaction here. Last time I was with The traitor. I will certainly remember Michel Piccoli, awarded Anouk Aime for Jump into the void. An award strongly desired by a critic we considered not fascist but very right-wing, Rondi.

in a state of grace, Bellocchio, ready to talk about himself in the cinema, militancy, psychoanalysis, and dismantle his myth, under the banner of that light touch found to put his hand to the family drama, taking on its weight to the bottom and making it universal. There have been approaches, in other films, “The eyes and the mouth”, over all. But I was not satisfied. My mother was still alive, it coincided with the experience of collective analysis with Fagioli. Somehow, these presences prevented me from telling the whole truth. a paradox, my most private film but in which I felt freer. Bellocchio does not seek acquittals, even if one of the witnesses, Father Virgilio Fantuzzi, would like to offer it to him. I am honored to have been his friend, it was a great loss. I say this with immense love, in me he has always seen a possible convert or convertible. But no, the atheist Looker smiles. There are no crimes or misdemeanors, something common in the face of certain tragedies: we did not understand. I can’t defend myself by saying that I also had my problems. In fact, the real issue is not seeing the other. Without creating courts.

The title was to be Munch’s Scream. Instead the right one comes from Camillo. the answer my brother gave me when I suggested that his ransom would come from joining the fight. “Marx can wait”. It was the truth of his pain. As if to say: politics comes later, first I have to solve my problems.

Time, he stresses, is important. Not a heavy film, even witty. Also thanks to my sister Letizia, always a silent presence who speaks here. He waits to see his loved ones again, but asks: “In the beyond there are billions of people, how are we going to do it?”. He does not ask himself the problem. I don’t believe in eternity. If you are in life, fortunately, you forget that this possibility exists. He has no regrets (For not having the courage to do what I wanted). And it has a lot to do. Complete a grueling series (Night exterior, ed), I had never done it. Then a movie. On the Mortara kidnapping. Accepting your limits. But within which to do the best.

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