The Vatican condemns for the first time the “cures” to cure homosexuality

The Vatican condemns for the first time the “cures” to cure homosexuality
The Vatican condemns for the first time the “cures” to cure homosexuality

What practices are – What is it in concrete terms? Of some “practices”, or treatments, whose dangerousness as well as obvious uselessness has long been denounced on a scientific level, implemented by some Christian-inspired associations that claim to teach LGBT people to refrain from their “inclinations “.

The Spanish association “Verdad y Libertad” – In particular, there is a Spanish association, known as “Verdad y Libertad”, which has been offering these so-called “conversion therapies” since 2013. The headquarters of this association is located in Granada, where the pediatrician Miguel Angel Sanchez Cordon resides, who would be the man behind this initiative. The Holy See expressed itself against this association, through a note from the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy which declared the illegitimacy of “Verdad y Libertad”.

The invitation to report – It is the first time that the Vatican takes sides and takes a position against this type of practice and it has done so after an investigation in which priests, religious and laity have joined. Through the final report it was therefore decided to invite “the bishops not to support, nor participate, or recommend the therapies carried out by Verdad y Libertad, as the methodology and the objectives pursued are wrong”. More: it is argued that the association has never been supported or authorized and we invite “anyone who has been damaged to file a civil complaint because, from the canonical point of view, we cannot intervene in what they do”, state some sources cited from “Progetto Gionata”.

Considered a sect – Already in November 2019, the Holy See had given a first notice, when the Spanish bishops prepared a report on “Verdad y Libertad” and submitted it to Cardinal Stella. The document collected the testimonies of various consecrated persons who denounced having undergone “vexatious” practices justified by the idea that “homosexuality can be changed”. Progetto Gionata also quotes the words of a priest who was part of the association: “I am very satisfied that the Church has officially pronounced this condemnation. I am happy that Mother Church does not mix with what I consider a sect, because I too suffered because of him, and above all I am satisfied that no one can say that what is practiced there is done in the name of Jesus “.


Vatican condemns time cures cure homosexuality

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