no to therapies to “cure” homosexuality-

no to therapies to “cure” homosexuality-
no to therapies to “cure” homosexuality-
of Elena Tebano

The Congregation for the Clergy in a note discussed at the assembly of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference disavowed an association in Granada that claimed to be able to make gays become straight

For the first time, the Catholic Church has officially taken a stand against the so-called reparative therapies, that is treatments to cure homosexuality. Already disowned by psychology and medicine, which for some time denounced their dangerousness as well as their uselessness, they are still practiced by some associations of Christian inspiration, under the pretext of teaching LGBT people to refrain from their “inclinations”. Now the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy, after a long investigation, issued a final statement inviting the bishops not to indulge or recommend the therapies carried out in Spain by the association Truth and Freedom, as reported by the Spanish Catholic periodical Vida Nueva. Usually the notes of the Congregation are sent to bishops and cardinals and are not made public. Instead in this case it was disseminated and discussed during the plenary assembly of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference, in April, because in Spain there were some bishops accused of having directed the faithful and seminarians to this type of treatment. The Congregation for the Clergy has clearly stated that it must no longer happen. N for the faithful, n for seminarians. the first time there is such an official pronouncement. This indication is a fundamental passage that LGBT + believers have been waiting to hear for some time, explains Innocenzo Pontillo, president of the Catholic association La Tenda di Gionata which works on LGBT + issues.

They are also practiced in Italy Reparative “therapies”, carried out not by the Church but by some fundamentalist movements. They know they can’t “heal” gays and lesbians, because homosexuality is a part of people, but they make LGBT + believers try not to live that part of themselves. like telling a tree that it can grow but cannot bloom. I have known people who have done them: they told me that it leads you to such a sense of disgust towards yourself, to leave you only two choices, either you commit suicide or you start a path of liberation to save yourself. Now the Church has given a clear indication, adds Pontillo (fifty years ago a false reparative therapy was also at the origin of the Italian LGBT movement).

Verdad y libertad (Verit e libert) has its head office in Granada and has been promoting this type of therapy since 2013. Its director Miguel ngel Sánchez Cordón, a physician who stated that he had suffered unwanted sexual attraction towards men for 40 years despite being married, but that he was able to overcome the addiction to sex thanks to another doctor, Alberto Prez. And that is why he decided to help him in his gay conversion therapies with Verdad y libertad. Although this is a secular and non-canonical body, it should be remembered that not a few believers participated in its activities. Furthermore, its promoters rely on religious realities to justify their methods considered “sectarian”, as the people who suffered them and who collaborated in the Vatican investigation told Vida Nueva. The reality is that homosexuality cannot be cured, because it is not a disease, as the World Health Organization established 31 years ago. The passing of laws sanctioning these programs and public complaints against this organization led them to act clandestinely to avoid being sanctioned, but did not make them disappear, the Catholic newspaper Vida Nueva still writes. Now the Vatican note marks a further important step in the rejection of these self-styled therapies, and reiterates that Verdad y libertad is not an ecclesiastical association and that the Church in no way supports the activities it carries out.

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