Stadio Roma, Raggi: “No proposal on the area from the club. Ready to sue Eurnova”

Stadio Roma, Raggi: “No proposal on the area from the club. Ready to sue Eurnova”
Stadio Roma, Raggi: “No proposal on the area from the club. Ready to sue Eurnova”

ROMA RAGGI STADIUM – In the space of ‘Te la do io Tokyo’, broadcast on Centro Suono Sport, the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. The topic discussed is that of the annulment of the public utility resolution relating to the Tor di Valle Stadium and of the new project that should be born with i Friedkin. These are his words.

The interview with Virginia Raggi

Why does the resolution that cancels public utility not arrive in the Julius Caesar courtroom?
“I want the Roma stadium to be built, the city, the fans and the club ask for it. At this moment it is essential to close the Tor di Valle project to which we are bound. Rome does not want the Tor di Valle project and Eurnova has not presented some documents, we need to turn the page. I have talked to Friedkin and he is interested in a new vision. I with the junta approved this revocation, but there is a problem: Eurnova has made a series of pressure, a series of letters, saying that in the event of revocation, the directors should pay the damages for the failure out of their pocket. Our lawyers have said this is not the case and a lawsuit is ready. As for the timing, you have to ask the president of the classroom ”.

Can’t you make a prediction?
“At the moment it is included in the order of business but it is the chairman of the classroom who has to call it”.

Friedkin has said several times that either the stage takes place within a few months or it doesn’t anymore. We risk making a Pallotta bis …
“I would say that he is right, I would seize the ball and since Eurnova itself has not presented the necessary documents, let’s close that chapter and write another new whole”.

Why do they say they are afraid to pay the fine?
“To reassure and because I do not accept this behavior of Eurnova, I had a lawsuit prepared”.

In recent days, various press organs say that some councilors have had doubts about how the resolution was written, are you aware of it?
“I do not know, the resolution was written by the offices and was approved in the council following the ordinary procedure. Municipality, Eurnova and Rome have worked for years on a project that is no longer viable, there will be evaluations to understand if there is the possibility of damage or not. These are clauses to be evaluated in practice. To date, the real issue is that Eurnova has stopped presenting a series of documents and signing the agreement ready in August. The new owner realized that there were shortcomings on the part of the proponent. For this reason, he expressed a desire to build the stadium. Tor di Valle is a project that either all three of us do together or we don’t do ”.

We are in the hands of President De Vito to call the resolution… crossing his fingers that he has the timing to put it on the calendar, have you already identified the area of ​​the future stadium?
“From the administrative point of view it is the company that must propose an area, any type of proposal from the Municipality would be wrong. We have not yet proposed an area, formally all three of us are still bound to the Tor di Valle project, so we must dissolve from this constraint as soon as possible. Those who say that the areas have already been chosen are false. Tor di Valle also found ourselves in front of a monstrous project, we tried to operate in the interest of the city and of the team, of the proponents. For me, the stadium must be built, the club and the city ask for it ”.

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